Your children need your hugs to feel they exist

Your children need your hugs to feel they exist

When a child comes into the world, one of the first things he will feel is his mother's skin and heart that gives him warmth, life, affection, emotions and the value of being loved.

Many things can be offered to a baby: everyday food, a good cradle, the best clothes and a beautiful room.

However, what is essential and that will prodigiously promote its neuronal development, physical and emotional, it's hugs, caresses, the voices calling him by his name …

Cuddles are the roots that unite parents with their children, a wonderful way to recognize them, to give them strength, tenderness and assurance. By taking them in our arms, we make parts of ourselves, but also of the world.

Unfortunately, in some orphanages, babies are not so lucky. They do not get hugs or hugs, and therefore they cry less and less, because they understand that no one will ever care for them.

Generally, their development is slower, and they are not earned by the curiosity to discover the world around them, because they do not have this insurance that is necessary for them if they want to go on an adventure and explode the surroundings.

They lack this link with a loving adult, the latter acting as a mediator in the search for stimulants, sensations …

It is vital for our children that we take daily care of this physical contact between them and us.

Cuddles create neural connections, forge sensations, thoughts and affection, remove fears, doubts and uncertainties …

Whether they are two days or 12 years old, it does not matter. Bring them closer to your heart whenever you can (even if they are already old enough to be reluctant).

Cuddling will make sure our kids will grow healthy

This close skin-to-skin relationship between the mother and the children during the first months of their life promotes sensory stimulation.

This allows their proper development, strengthens their immune system, and regulates their temperature and breathing.

Cuddling and caressing is the first language children receive when they come into the world. Teach them the language of the heart, of your heart, and make this universality permeate their spirit forever.

Although generally, a great intimacy is woven between the mother and the child during the first months of childhood, fathers also have their role to play. This is a great way to further strengthen the child's development and self-assurance.

Cuddles build personality

If the child does not get enough hugs or hugs from his parents, it will eventually affect his personality.

  • Cuddling is the most significant way of weaving the bond between parents and children.
  • Because of this gesture of tenderness, the child feels loved. And a beloved child is a child sure of him, quiet, who does not fear uncertainty, and who feels recognized.
  • Parents are the child's first social contact with the world. If this first contact is cold, uneven or aggressive, they will be wary of the rest of the social contexts as they grow up.
  • Children need a safe and stable affection during their childhood. The affection strengthens the bond and allows them to feel recognized.
  • A child who feels recognized feels that he belongs to his family, but also to the world. Therefore, they will believe more in themselves, and will have a good perception of their person as well as their abilities-

Cuddles relax them and invite them to see the world

A baby spends most of the day lying in his cradle in a horizontal position.

When an adult hugs, cuddles and cradles him, he has the opportunity to see the world in front of himin peace and feeling loved. Have you ever thought about it?

There is no more pleasant moment than those days when we begin to discover the world surrounded by the arms of our father and mother. Life is revealed in thousand shapes and colors, as touching as it is moving.

There is nothing more tranquilizing and satisfying than a hug. If adults need it to strengthen the connection, calm stress or quell doubts, this need is even greater for children.

Baby crying, for example, is never unjustified, and sometimes their tears are not due to hunger, cold, or occasional discomfort.

They also claim affection, they also need your arms to forget this universal fear: that of loneliness and abandonment.

Do not save the hugs you give on a daily basis. They cost nothing, and have the strength and intensity of an entire universe.

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