You robbed me of my loneliness with your fake company

You robbed me of my loneliness with your fake company

"You stole my loneliness with your fake company". It is possible that this feeling and emptiness are telling you something.

You have probably experienced it in the past with an interested friendship which seeks the own benefit, and which has certainly never been concerned with your interests, your pains or your joys.

And what about those affective relationships that fade into the abyss of failure? It's commonplace. We open the doors of our hearts to people who fill us with illusion and move us.

But then, we realize thatthere is no loneliness more painful than having someone who does not see us and who does not know how to make us happy.

Emotional loneliness is the one in which we project certain hopes but in which we find in reality a great void. Few feelings can be as devastating as this loneliness that goes far beyond the physical plane.

Emotional loneliness is one of the great evils of our time. Most of us are surrounded by people, family, friends, our spouse and hundreds or thousands of friends on social networks.

However, there is no more agonizing pain than perceiving these voids, which no one knows how to fill.

The loneliness that no one sees

Emotional loneliness can have a rather contradictory profile. It is likely that you are often told "You can not complain, you have a spouse who is very attentive and who loves you so much", "You, it is sure that you do not" never bother, with all the friends you have. "

You will surely answer with a shy smile knowing that appearances are only appearances, and that in reality, you feel terribly alone.

Loneliness is often thought of as a physical absence of people around us, where we move forward in life, without attachments that bind us, without people who pay attention or who to offer and give that daily tenderness that enriches us all.

So, is it necessary to always have someone next to us to be happy? Absolutely not.

On some occasions, loneliness is that intimate space in which we can find the greatest balance. Introspection and being with oneself is a way of reinforcing our self-esteem and enriching ourselves.

Thus we can say that all these people who are part of our life and who offer us only their egoism and emotional immaturity, take away a part of this precious solitude in which we find a protection of great value.

If I open the doors of my heart, I am a little more vulnerable, because I expect you to be my complement, my accomplice and not a cool breeze that fills me with emptiness..

How to overcome emotional loneliness?

Emotional loneliness is one of the most devastating feelings a human being can feel. The feeling of having someone or several people around us and being aware that we feel terribly alone, perhaps the antechamber of a depression.

How can we cope with emotional loneliness? Take note of these tips:

1-Identify the malaise, this feeling of dissatisfaction, this emptiness. On some occasions we can hide emotional loneliness behind other dimensions, such as low self-esteem and low motivation in our social relationships, when in fact we feel "that there is something that goes beyond beyond and that does not work.

The wound is in those people around us who do not see us, who do not enrich us, and who in the end do not know how to make us happy.

2-Reflect and listen to your emotions. "What are you feeling? Is it the sadness that makes you feel so? Are you afraid, who or what causes it?

3-Once you have identified the real problem, communicate it. It is vital to share with others how you feel, whether it's your spouse, a family member or a friend.

Make it clear that this relationship causes more suffering than happiness and that it is necessary to change strategies.

4-Once you have started the engine of change, whatever it is, it is important to be able to enjoy your own solitude again.

Indeed, you spent a lot of time without being able to be yourself, to look for things, feelings and emotions.

In your person, there is a series of needs that you must balance by finding yourself that inner child.

Emotional loneliness is sometimes an incoherence: We have someone and yet we feel the pain of loneliness in an almost heartbreaking way. Releasing ourselves and finding ourselves again, helps us in our personal development.

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