You can change if you want

You can change if you want

People are not inert objects and immune to change.
Each experience of life shapes us. The more positive these experiences are, the more we flourish and the more we evolve.

Conversely, negative experiences only create insecurity. Many like to repeat phrases like "This is my way of being, I can not change" or " I was born like that, nobody will be able to change me “.

We can all change,but for that it is necessary to respect the two following points:

1. Constancy

No change happens overnight. On the contrary, change requires perseverance, diligence and the desire to learn more and more.The most important thing is to try,however, in the pursuit of your goal, you will probably make mistakes.

But do not forget that each triumph inevitably passes through a series of failures. Despite the mistakes, you will reach your goal if you manage to be consistent and optimistic.

2. Thoughts

If you do not believe in yourself, you will never get far. If you hope to change to think good of yourself, it will not work.

Change works in the opposite way, because first of all you have to work on your self-esteem and adopt positive thoughts, then the change will begin. Indeed, no one gets good if he is constantly told that he or she is bad.

If a child grows up hearing all the time that he is good for nothing, he will have very low self-esteem and will not see the virtues he possesses. He may be brilliant, but he will not seek to develop his talents because he will never have lived in an environment of support and positivity.

However, when a person reaches adulthood, she can still develop the virtues that she has not exploited during childhood. However, the only way to achieve this isto take on oneself, to value oneself, to consider oneself with esteem, to love oneself, and to believe in oneself.

You must believe in yourself if you want to change (no matter what), and fight, even if progress is difficult and slow.If you adopt a positive way of thinking, you will transform yourself,and the best of you will surface.

We are all good at something; That's why you have to discover what your talent is and exploit it. Many mistakenly believe that personality is formed during childhood, and that it is not possible to change while growing up.

It is undeniable that our past conditions us, but we must not cling to our history thinking that we can not change it.We look to the past without doing anything in the present to change, and that prevents us from moving forward.

You can start now to accumulate successes that will shape your future, but focus on your thinking, and change the refrain "I'm not able" by " I can do it One who convinces himself that he can not change will obviously never succeed.

Change happens when we think we can changeby dint of perseverance and patience. The change process consists of various stages. During some of them, you will feel that you are progressing, while in other stages, you will feel that you are no longer moving forward, or that you are taking a step forward, and two steps backwards.

These steps can not be more normalbut only those who are not discouraged by these feelings of blockage will realize that they have changed because they have tried with all their strength, even if it was not easy every day and that expected progress was not always at the rendezvous

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