You are whole and do not deserve to be half-loved

You are whole and do not deserve to be half-loved

If you love me, love me,
no by area of ​​light or shade.
If you love me, like me black.
And white. And gray, and green and blonde,
And brunette.
Love me day.
Love me night.
And dawn in the open window!

If you love me, do not cut me
Love me whole … or do not love me!

Dulce Maria Loynaz

We are not incomplete. We do not need half to be happy. We are oranges, lemons, peaches and an infinite number of whole fruits turning in the world as we please.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to meet another fruit that is growing at the same pace as us. So, you start to walk together. These walks can last a lifetime or end in an instant.

A fishing can perfectly combine with an orange if both are willing to build a common life and are able to respect their differences and coincidences.

Love and respect go hand in hand

Emmuring your own suffering is to risk that it devours you from the inside.
Frida Kahlo

These stories of half, soulmate and Disney fairy tale eventually make us believe hard as iron to these half / half relations. To conform to this type of relationship is to condemn oneself to loneliness.

When the "one day yes, one day no" or the "maybe later" are established in your relationship, it does not bode well. In other words, if we love, we love everything, striving to offer the best of us.

This is not only a question of principles, but also of respect and consideration for oneself. It is neither right nor healthy to offer love without at least something that makes us feel good in return.

We agree that love must be selfless. However, that does not mean that he has to become silly.

That is to say that if you suffer because you are only offered half love, it's time to think about giving up the game and building a nice castle.

Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling love

You deserve a dazzling love, which urges you to get up quickly in the morning, and that keeps away all those demons that do not let you sleep.

You deserve a love that makes you feel safe, able to pick up the moon as it walks by your side,
who thinks that your arms are perfect for his skin.

You deserve a love that wants to dance with you, who finds paradise every time he looks in your eyes,
who never misses reading your expressions.

You deserve a love that listens to you when you sing, that supports you when you are ridiculous, who respects your freedom, who accompanies you in your flight, who is not afraid to fall.

You deserve a love that will sweep away lies and bring you dreams, coffee and poetry.

Frida Khalo

Others are not forced to love every part of you, but those who truly love you should not attempt to change or manipulate you.

Every little gesture makes you and your world something exceptional, which deserves to be considered.

Your spouse must stop loving you as he sees fit and start loving you as you wish, while continuing to fly on your own free wings.

This means that no one has the right to make you vulnerable or play with you.

In this sense, we can not be carried away by our needs and our conception of ideal love and instead must establish the bases of respect, acceptance and reciprocity.

You do not deserve to be half-loved. For that, it is fundamental to discard the selfish reactions of those around you, because true love does not benefit anyone, nor even a situation.

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tse

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