You are not what you succeed but what you overcome

You are not what you succeed but what you overcome

Often, we tend to fall into the false belief that in life you have to accumulate successes. We therefore set daily and short-term goals.

We build our lives from small and big successes. However, are we really what we have achieved throughout our lives?

Many of us will tell you that indeed, it is so. However, there is more value than the ability to succeed, which is the ability to outperform. What you assume as painful and ultimately overcome, makes you stronger.

In this article, we will try to better understand this interesting and fundamental capacity.

The difference between succeeding and overcoming

At first, it is important to know how to differentiate the capacity for success from self-improvement.

For this, we will first define what generally builds the will to succeed, this dimension that is so appreciated in this society so competitive:

  • The ability to succeed is the effort and what the person is willing to invest for achieve a goal.
  • It is usually a personality who clearly knows what his goals and needs are and who fights to achieve them by maintaining high expectations of success.
  • Consistency and tenacity are indispensable.
  • The daily is set by objective to reach, hence the need for a great self-requirement.
  • People with great ability to succeed usually havea great professional success.

These are probably very positive dimensions that stimulate self-esteem and reinforce our self-perception.

But, could we say that precisely our ability to succeed is what best defines our personality? Is this really a rewarding trait?

It is sometimes said that the true strength, the greatest bravery of a person is his ability to overcome adversities, but especially his own fears and limitations. This personal effort is often more satisfying than reaching a goal.

The pillars of personal surpassment

"You are not what you succeed, but what you overcome." We are certain that you have overcome many things in your life, and that you have firmly faced many difficulties that now define you as you are. , atwith everythingthese internal scars that only you know.

Let us now see on what pillars is built this instinctive capacity that many of us have to overcome the daily "walls" that life sometimes offers us:

1. Positive attitude
Having a positive attitude is essential to overcome any difficulty. Maintaining firmness and hope gives us strength to be brave and to trust in us.

2. Clash

These voids, threats, problems, or losses are things that we sometimes have to fight with, like enemies to deal with. Take your strength, regain self-confidence and face all your problems without ever running away from them.

3. Resilience

It does not matter if a situation is traumatic, complicated or devastating, since we can learn from any difficult conditions and come out stronger. There is nothing more rewarding than overcoming a stressful or threatening situation with resilience.

4. Self-esteem.

Self-esteem is a balance of trust, respect for oneself, the desire to live and to be happy with what you have and what you deserve.

5. Positive emotions

Positive emotions make us bloom while rooting for our reality through empathy, love, balance, well-being and emotional intelligence.

All these dimensions are the seeds that give rise to our ability to surpass, one of the most rewarding dimensions of human beings.

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