You are master of your destiny

You are master of your destiny

< div class="thumbnail">Taking responsibility is not easy, especially when living with the stigma of childhood.

For many of us, it's easier to say, "I was raised that way, that's why I behave like that".
Becoming an adult means being responsible for yourself. You can not blame your teachers for not teaching you something you should know today because if you need some knowledge, you can learn it for yourself.
You also can not blame your childhood friends, who have given you bad habits or who have prevented you from moving forward because if you have behaviors that affect your adult life, you are the only one who can change them.

The past must not stop you

It is obvious that the past influences your present life. But, if you are able to detect the reason for a problem and face it, you will see that everything will begin to go for the better.
Stop looking back to explain what's happening to you today. If you can not overcome your story, consult a professional and you will see that no trauma is insurmountable.
Some are very difficult to solve but, with time, we can all overcome the problems that have affected us in the past.
Often, what comes back from the past causes you a lot of suffering, paralyzes you, and does not allow you to live fully the present moment.
If you were constantly told during your childhood that you were "big / fat", "stupid" or "useless" (or any other deprecating adjective), it is certain that these words are engraved in your mind, and that you think that you are always so, even as you have grown up.
If you devote all your strength to it, you can change that negative state of mind that holds you back in the past.

Mature, grow and change

Becoming an adult means growing, growing and changing. Your adult life should not be negative simply because your childhood has been.
Changing the labels we wear can take a lot of work, but in the long run, positive thoughts lead to a proactive change, which gives rise to self-esteem and acceptance.
Although many people consider their childhood to be the best time of their lives, others have very bad memories, and these are things that can not be changed. Howeveras we mature, we have all the tools to build and rebuild our lives, because we do not depend on anyone to create our own present,but we all have the power to change it.
Leave bad experiences in your past, and become master of your destiny.

Apologies and incompetence

Many people are hiding behind their past, not just because it has been terrible, but because they do not find the courage to change, and to take responsibility as adults.
Fears are not insurmountable, although it is easier to say that you can not do anything, that you have been raised like that, than to face your ignorance or incompetence.
Keep in mind that no one can get you out of your comfort zone, you are the only one able, especially through your actions. Fear can be an excellent source of motivation, and you are the only person who can decide how to use it.
Overcoming the obstacles that hinder you to move forward will allow you to determine your own existence, and nothing is more true than this statement: you are the only master of your destiny.

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