Words are the best aphrodisiac for women

Words are the best aphrodisiac for women

Seduce me with words, with words that you whisper in my ear when you embrace me, speak to me while you look at me to plunge deep into my being, write to me when you think of me and let me know that I am present in your life through your words.

Here's a secret that many men do not know: the best aphrodisiac for women is through speech.

But all the words, all the caresses and all the kisses are not equal.

I need to feel your sinceritythat your actions accompany your words, that you are really interested in me, otherwise your words will be meaningless and the magic will not happen.

"What attracts me the most in a woman are her eyes when I see her, and her intelligence when I know her. "
-Antonio Gómez Rufo-

How to use words in aphrodisiac way for women

Communication is always very important, especially when two people get to know each other better and better.

Women, in general, pay attention to everything: the way men look at them, talk to them, tell them things, touch them, and so on.

Their way of moving or dressing is also very important. This does not mean that they come to hasty conclusions, but simply that they want to know perfectly the person they have in front of them.

One of the most important aspects that most appeal to women with words is that, if used properly, they can have a powerful aphrodisiac effect.

But, how should they be used to seduce them?

Express yourself sincerely and naturally

Words that come from the heart, that are sincere, that are not already prepared, can touch women in the depths of their souls.

It is not only a question of learning poetic phrases and repeating them, but of letting yourself be carried away by all the feelings inspired by the woman who is in front of you, and of expressing yourself with the most natural and respect.

Too many compliments or a too honeyed attitude can have the opposite effect of the one sought, they can put the woman uncomfortable.

It is important to find a balance not to overdo it, just to be attentive to the reaction of the other. The eyes, for example, can never lie.

Accompany your words

Women like to be talked to, but also to watch them, listen to them when they talk, and be interested in them.

A sweet word with a look suggests a lot. But this look, too, must be sincere and natural.

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is truly himself with a woman.

As confidence grows, a caress and a few well-tuned words can make a woman die.

But all this must be done with delicacy, respect and feelings, without overconfidence, arrogance or contempt.

Have a sense of humor

Some words pronounced with a little humor or irony can be very seductive.

We do not all have the same sense of humor, So you have to wait to know a little about the person you have in front of you and always joke with respect and finesse.

We all love to laugh and we all want to be in the company of funny people. But it is often difficult to match two different senses of humor perfectly.

You must be patient for this to happen, because it requires knowing the other well, knowing what he likes and does not like.

"Love comes when we do not call it. It plunges us into confusion and evaporates like fog when we try to hold it back. "
-Isabel Allende-

Speak and listen

Do not fall into the excess of words, because it can quickly become monotonous. Too much talking and not letting the other person express themselves can be very uncomfortable for her, who can not communicate what she thinks or feels.

A conversation must leave room for the words of the two people, their respective silences. It must allow their two eyes to meet and meet each other.


A conditional aphrodisiac

If the words are not sincere, if they are not accompanied by significant acts, they will remain meaningless.

There will be no coherence between what is said and what is done. All these unimportant words, without feelings, will fly away, scatter and nothing will be left of them.

Women are particularly sensitive to this lack of coherence between words and feelings, it is a situation that can do them a lot of harm and cause them to think that other things are hiding behind the words spoken.

"For women the best aphrodisiac lies in words, their G-spot is in their ears, the one looking down loses their time. "
-Isabel Allende-

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