Wonder: August's lesson

Wonder: August's lesson

Wonder: August's lessonis a simple and familiar story which appeared at a time when readers seemed trapped by fantastic and even obscure stories. The book went on sale February 14, 2012 and has been placed in the stalls of the best-selling novels in a number of countries. He found in the Internet the best way to promote himself. As one of his readers says: "Read it, share it, discuss it."

The protagonist ofWonder is August Pullman, a ten-year-old boy with a severe facial malformation due to Treacher Collins syndrome.Despite the syndrome,augustis a normal child, facing the same problems as all children, about to become teenagers. But he was born with a different face and that makes that which is already difficult in itself, is complicated a little more. Fortunately, he relies on the support of his family and friends.

"… and the universe does not abandon us, it takes care of its most fragile creations in an invisible way, for example, with parents who blindly worship us …"
August goes out a little, his life revolves around the comfortable walls of his house, between the company of his family, his dog Daisy and incredible stories of "Star Wars". However,everything will change when he goes to school for the first time.

There, he will learn the most important lesson of his life, that which is not taught in classrooms or textbooks:grow in adversity, accept ourselves as we are, smile on the gray days and believe in the fact that in the end we will always find a friendly hand. He will make a long and exciting journey in the fifth year and will learn a great lesson, a lesson that is useful for all and that the book offers us in a certain way, so that we can make it ours.

"Everyone should receive a standing ovation from the public at least once in their life, because we all win against the world."
-August Pullman-

The Wonder Saga to Educate the Public on Bullying and Treacher Collins Syndrome

August's lessonis the first book ofRaquel Jaramillo Palacio, the first of what will later become a saga, the saga Wonder.A saga where well-drawn characters tell us the same story from different points of view.

The sagaWonder is used in schools to raise public awareness of bullying (mockery) and Treacher Collins syndrome.Some parents of children with this syndrome say that the books reflect the disease and the difficulties it creates.

The book does not deal with this particular disease, but the weight that means to be different or not to be considered "normal".August will be rejected by some of his classmates at school, especially by the most popular and especially by Julian who, with his parents, will do everything possible to make his life impossible.

"Sometimes it's impossible to be one more, no matter how hard you work."
-August Pullman-
Indeed, if we apply it to the problem that concerns us, it existsa lot of reading guides on the Internetto work with students on different educational contexts.Through these guides we can deepen the content of the Wonder saga to better understand its characters and learn to accept ourselves and to accept others.
It is a saga highly recommendable, original, different, even shocking.In which it is easy to identify with many of his characters. This is one of the great ideas of this saga which, even if it has a main protagonist, it will not be the only one to tell us the story. Several characters tell us the story of Wonder from their own point of view.
Whoever you are, August will touch your heart.

The author of Wonder

The author was inspired by the title of a songby Natalie Merchant to name her first book Wonder. This originated in an incident that occurred almost ten years ago, when his youngest son, about three years old, panicked in the presence of a little girl who was suffering from the genetic syndrome known asTreacher Collins. The uncomfortable situation touched RJ Palacio, and this impact offered him the inspiration and the strength needed to write his first book.

previouslyR.J. Palacio was dedicated to designing covers for hundreds of authors, while she dreamed of writing a novel one day. She was convinced that her moment would never come, until she realized that all she had to do was start writing. That's how born Wonder: August's lesson, the first novel of theWonder saga. This saga composed of several titles that complete an exciting journey, differentiating the point of view of many of his characters.

The saga is completed by:

  • Julian's story
  • Christopher's game
  • Charlotte has the floor
  • The book of precepts of Mr. Browne : when the author decided to write this book, she asked her readers for help: in two weeks she had received more than a thousand postcards with precepts from around the world.
  • And others that can happen …

The author insists on a personal conviction: many more good people than bad people.This contrasts with the tendency of many people to focus on the negative aspects of any person or situation. With the saga Wonder, the author tends to emphasize the importance of appreciating and thanking the noble, kind and generous people who cross our path.

Wonder the movie

December 2017 saw the theatrical release of the film inspired by the first novel of the saga Wonder, August's lesson. Directed by Stephen Chbosky, who asked the author Raquel Jaramillo to be an officer as a film consultant in order to be as faithful as possible to the book and the author's idea. The cast includes major actors such as Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, parents of the protagonist, and Jacob Tremblay, in the August role; among many others.

Wonder is a simple and profound story, which is hard to finish. It's hard to say goodbye to August, but it's really worth knowing him, to know his world and all who live there.Fortunately, we have other titles of the Wonder saga, where we will know the story based on the experience of other characters such as Julian, Christopher, Charlotte and a book of precepts of Mr. Browne.

"The only reason I'm not normal is that no one sees me that way, but I'm not complaining, you can not be part of the group when you're born to stand out."
-August Pullman-

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