Wipe a real failure is to stop trying to do something

Wipe a real failure is to stop trying to do something

To be afraid of failure is something quite common. This fear is part of the thoughts that limit our abilities, which paralyze us and prevent us from engaging in interesting projects simply because we think they are not within our reach.

However, to suffer a real failure is to stop trying to do something just for fear of failing ; allowing yourself to make mistakes is the essence of learning in all aspects of life.

"Every failure teaches home something that it needs to learn"

-Charles Dickens-

During the first months of our life, we do nothing more than try to face every step we take ; we fall, we get up, we try, we analyze, and we explore the world around us.

We would not have learned to walk if we had not had the courage to face each of our falls. The same goes for all important learning: in order to learn, one has had to make efforts as well as to wipe out failures.

Face the difficult moments of life

The difficult times we all face in our lives are of great value.Not only do they allow us to evolve, but they also help us understand and value the effort.

Thanks to the difficulties we face, we become hardened and acquire new abilities that help us face each of the challenges we face.

These obstacles can be thoughts, fears, circumstances, etc. The important thing is to deal with these difficulties, to understand why they are there, what role they play for us, and what lesson can we draw from them.

"Sometimes, to achieve balance,

you have to learn how to stop

on the stones of our path "

There is a valuable learning that can be discovered if one becomes aware of the type of things that one avoids, that one faces, and that one discards automatically because one believes that one will not be able to reach them.

If we feel uncomfortable with a situation, we will do our utmost to ensure that this situation does not materialize, as beneficial and enviable as it may be, and although it may allow us to take a step more towards our dreams.

The triumph can be achieved by anyone who has the courage to try to approach it

It is very simple to think that we will not be able to obtain what we want, and to consider our dreams as something very remote requiring effort.Do not try; that's what real failure is.

"The greater the attempt, the more glorious the triumph"

-William Shakespeare-

The people who really reach triumph are the ones who do not stop to complain about the effort what must be achieved, those who pursue every step of their own every step of the way to the end of everything they have undertaken.

These are the people who see failure as something necessary, as an opportunity to learn and improve.

These are the people who wonder each day if they are where they are, and if they do what they really like, what they are passionate about.

To reach true triumph is to have the courage to try; anyone who adopts this attitude goes forward on various paths until they reach their own personal success.

Success is for those who understand failure

It implies great personal growth to understand that frustration is part of the pathsince not succeeding is an opportunity to change perspective.

Failure to make something happen is not so frustrating if you have a clear conscience, and if you know you've done everything you can.

There is no point in feeling guilty or fearing "failure" for not having been able to obtain something that we tried to achieve, and which required a lot of effort.

It's when we are able to understand failure

that we are getting closer to the reality of our own nature

What is really important and brave is not related to successnor even to the recognition of others. Rather, it lies in the learning that can be gained during the process, around ourselves.

Dare to try to achieve what you want, maybe you will not get what you want, but what is certain is that you will not regret having tried. Along the way you can find a world enriched with possibilities.

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