Wim Hof, the Dutch Ice Man

Wim Hof, the Dutch Ice Man

Wim Hof, the Dutch Ice Man, already has 20 awards to his credit in the Guinness World Records for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.He climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro wearing nothing but shorts and sneakers, was able to spend hours in an icy water bath and ran a marathon in the desert … without water.

His goal was to show that he totally controls his body and mind.A power so extraordinary that scientists, doctors, neurologists and psychologists all over the world are trying to analyze it.His body has become an object of study.

Years of intensive training have allowed her to develop a particular breathing technique that allows her to exercise greater control over her body. Wim Hof ​​says he is able tocontrol his immune system the way he wants, as well as his cardiovascular, hormonal, muscular and nervous system.All thanks to the breath.

Wim Hof ​​and his method

The story of this method dates back to 1995 when Wof's wife experienced a deep psychotic crisis that ended her life. From that moment, Wim had to face his life in another way, taking care of his four children. This episode was the starting point of his goal:he has decided to prove to the world that the will can make us reach where we want.She can even control our body and mind.

This incredible man, nicknamedthe Iceman,earned this name after building one of the pillars of the method that bears his name during a great cold exposure. The Wim Hof ​​method is apparently simple but it actually requires many hours of work.

An influence on the body

For many, this man has demonstrated that human beings are able to influence their body system,both at the immune level and in terms of the sympathetic system, through a breathing technique.

This implies that we have the ability to reduce systemic inflammation at will and secrete certain hormones like adrenaline and dopamine, which have very interesting effects on health.In addition, great progress can be achieved in terms of depressive symptoms. This technique can further strengthen the body and mind.

In fact, several studies corroborate the benefits of these postulates. For example, it has been proven thatbreathing,also important in disciplines such as yoga or meditation,decisively affects health and body weight.Proper breathing technique reduces inflammation and lowers stress levels.

"The worst mistake of contemporary society is the disconnect with the natural environment, we live in a completely artificial habitat where we have changed all the rules of nature.We are the only animal that adapts its environment to his person. makes us weak and sick, our subconscious goes crazy, "says Hof.

His words emphasize an idea: we try to change our nature without having knowledge.Without thinking about the possibility of adapting to it. We are constantly trying to maintain an equal body temperature with heating and cooling, do not consume seasonal products and totally destroy our planet with greenhouse gas emissions.

Phases of the Wim Hof ​​Method

Exposure to extreme cold

Hof explains that low temperatures cause the small muscles around the veins to contract.This would improve blood circulation and reduce heart rate.

Proper cold therapy offers a lot of benefits to those who practice it. These include strengthening the immune system, balancing hormonal levels, improving sleep quality, and producing endorphins that improve mood.


Wim says thatwe do not know the enormous potential of breathingand the significant benefits produced by it by playing with the respiratory system. Its conscious breathing system would increase oxygen levels in the blood, allowing for more energy, less stress and a greater immune response to microbes.


Meditation opens the way to body awareness and clarity of mind. According to the Ice Man, the mental component of his method is essential to succeed his feats.

Hof has a philosophy of life: to live fully every day is the goal he wants to achieve with his exploits. "When I expose myself to extreme things, I live with more intensity," he says.

In some interviews, people asked him what he would like to achieve. He always answers:"to remove the pain of loss in my mind, to regain my lost love and to offer love to the world".

Scientists, neurologists and psychologists from around the world are amazed by Wim Hof's prowess. This one is happy to contribute to science and tosee his body used to search for methods of healing and preventing diseases for which there are still no remedies.

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