Why do we tend to blame others?

Why do we tend to blame others?

Here are some examples of situations through which you will find yourself very easily.

He has already escaped more than one saying "it's the taxi driver who was driving too slowly!" (Instead of "I got up late") or "the oven is not working well" (instead to say "I was taped in front of the TV and I forgot to take out the dish").

This is due to the fact that our minds are constantly trying to detach themselves from problems and especially from guilt; to protect oneself from the attack of others, which sometimes is only the fruit of our imagination.

The human being makes the typical mistake of blaming others and seeking a culprit to justify all his problems. If we do it right, so much the better, but if we fail, it will surely be someone else's fault.

Before saying "I was wrong", we tend to say that we have not had a chance, that it is the fault of the climate, the boss, the public transport, the zodiac or the alignment of planets, instead offace the reality and assume his mistakes.

Step one: accept to make mistakes

This is something that is far from easy, but it is far from impossible! The starting point to stop blaming others is to get started and start accepting that we can go wrong.

Let others correct us, put a little pride aside, and most importantly, remain sincere to yourself and then to be sincere to others.

Fortunately, the solution is in us, and no one else can change it. We can start working as soon as we make the next mistake, or for more common mistakes that follow us over time.

Accepting that we have trouble getting up when the alarm clock is ringing, concentrating a bit more to get the work done on time, studying for an exam or paying a little more attention to the meal in the oven are small things that will help us feel better from the inside, and therefore from the outside.

So maybe with a little luck this principle will spread and all the people around us will dare to say "I was wrong". This sentence still seems hard to say nowadays …

Photo courtesy of Sharon Mollerus.

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