Why do we have so much trouble living in the present?

Why do we have so much trouble living in the present?

"Live in the present, and make something beautiful that is worth remembering". Ida Scott Taylor.

Autopilot syndrome

Have you ever arrived at your office or workplace without any memory of the trip? We all have already left the house, wait at the bus stop, hop on the bus or on the train, walk 6 blocks and when we arrived at the entrance of the building we thought: " I have already arrived? "

It's as if we had started a kind of autopilot. Every day there are more and more people who spend most of the time absent mentally. Have you ever thought why we are not living in the moment?

The future is uncertain

Sometimes, when our agenda is busy, we are tempted to think about the future. Instead of paying attention to the conversation we have, or the instructions we are given, our minds wander to other thoughts far removed from the present moment., and we think about the organization of our day.

We do this precisely because we want to save time, and we believe that thinking about two things at once will help us finish faster.

However, we could not be further from the truth. As we know, "who overly embraces, badly hugs."

When we are not fully present to do a task, we hinder the process, and it is quite possible that we will have to do the things that were done wrong. In the end, there is no time saving.

We get to the point of worrying about things that may be happening, so we do not take advantage of the present moment. In the same way, what we feared may not happen, but the time lost to distress can not be recovered.

To worry about the future is like swinging on a rocking chair: it takes a while, but you'll never get anywhere.

The only time you can exercise some control, that is, act and decide, is now.

The past is immutable

Some people are not so afraid of the future, but of the past; and that is just as damaging, since the past can also become a real thief of mental energy.

Either we regret the old days, or we torment ourselves for what could have been and we become participants ofa vicious circle in which we do not take advantage of the present by lamenting the past, but after, we regret not having appreciated the present.

Today is a gift, do not devalue it. If you regret past decisions, the only thing left to do is to learn from what has happened and keep moving forward.

The importance of being present (out of respect for yourself and others)

Have you ever spoken to someone with whom suddenly you felt they were not paying attention? You must have felt bored, despised and even frustrated.

Know that your family, your friends, your boss, your customers, your colleagues and all the other people with whom you interact, do not deserve that either. But above all, you do not deserve it yourself.

If you live half your life, you rob yourself of the chance to live great experiences and make real contact with others.

What are the advantages of living in the present moment?

This practice of consciously placing attention on the present, so simple at first glance, brings more benefits than you think.

Living in the present allows us to enjoy every detail and capture latent "magic" every moment. In other words, the fact ofto be located in the present helps us to live life fully and intensely.

If not, we will simply move to automatic and endless succession of hours and days as a passive spectator.

If you learn to focus on the work you do, by the time you are, by being aware of where you are, you will also find it easier to relax and worry less. Finally, you will feel happier, because you will come out of this duality.

For example, if you are on vacation, you will not think about what to expect when you return to the office, but on the contrary, you will assimilate with all your senses the charm of where you are.

You will be amazed by everything, you will enjoy a good conversation with the people around you and the moment you are living, right here and now.

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