Why do men need women?

Why do men need women?

Men and women are beings to very distinct characteristics.As a rule, men are strong people (both physically and emotionally) who adopt a colder and more self-defeating attitude towards life.

As for women, they are generally more sensitive, more empathic. They love perfection and take initiatives.

Do you want to know what attitudes a man changes if he lives with a woman? Read the rest of this article carefully!


This is a great curiosity. A recent study of one hundred section chiefs was designed to observe their behavior at work after having a child.

If the leader had a boy, he took a higher salary, but paid much less his employees. That is, if he had a boy, he took a much more selfish attitude.

If, on the contrary, the chief had a daughter, he adopted a much more generous attitude towards the people who worked for him, and paid them much higher wages.

Ultimately, a man who has a little boy tends to think much more about himself, whereas a man who has a little girl does not have that flaw. On the contrary, he becomes a more altruistic and more understanding person.

For the elections

Who thinks women or girls directly influence the ideology of male voters?Indeed, men who live with a woman tend to have a much more liberal spirit. This is directly proportional to the number of girls they have, that is, the more women in the same household, the more a man develops a liberal ideology.

On the contrary, boys, as we have already explained, tend to display a more selfish attitude, which is why their fathers usually have a right political ideology.

The family

It has been proved that a brother who lives with several sistersdevelop long-term social skills, and be more willing to care and help others.

On the other hand, boys who grow up only with brothers are more selfish, and have amore competitive and provocative attitude between them.


Women know better than men to convey idealsof cooperation and help towards one's neighbor,because they are feelings that are anchored deeper in them.

In addition, women can make men become much more cooperative people, and most importantlyable to solve any problem of a family member or a group of friends.

Obviously, we are not trying to prove that women are "better" than men. However, to a certain extent, they are the ones whobring a series of values ​​that positively complement a boy's personality.

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