Why compulsive eaters can not stop

Why compulsive eaters can not stop

Eating should be a pleasure in life, a time that allows us both to feed ourselves, but also to fill our senses with the flavors, smells, textures and colors of our dishes.
However, Millions of people around the world struggle to control themselves in the face of food. The reasons are different depending on the people, but we can easily group them in 5 points:

1. Unconsciousness

Sometimes we eat without even realizing it. This occurs especially when we work, or when we perform obligations of our daily lives.

This type of situation causes nibbling, even though we have already eaten, and we eat between meals such as cakes, or sweets.
The solution to this problem is to realize that we must stop and concentrate to take our 3 meals of the day, and eat nothing in the meantime.

2. Difficulties to deal with negative feelings

Every day, we have to deal with situations that affect us and that hurt us emotionally. When they show up, we often try to escape and isolate ourselves.

If we escape from our daily lives in food, it is because we try to fill our unhappiness with foods that are generally unhealthy and nutritious.
It is important to be able to cope with these situations that hurt us, and a good solution may be to talk to your partner, friend or psychologist.

3. Food as unique pleasure

Hobbies and leisure activities often have an important place in everyone's life. But, when one is alone, or one has very few hobbies, food can become the only source of pleasure, as a kind of drug, and can cause many physical damage, and various diseases.

To combat this problem, it is important to look for other hobbies and comforting activities.

4. The confusion of physiological needs

When we spend a lot of time without eating, or without rest, we put ourselves in a situation where it is very easy to fall through the trap of a compulsive eater.

In this situation, our body confuses similar sensations, which are however very different in the benefits that they bring us. For example, we think we are hungry when in reality we are thirsty or sleepy.
To avoid this, it is necessary to rest well, and to have a balanced diet.

5. Self-hatred

It may seem odd to associate the hatred of one's own body with compulsive eating, but it is a real phenomenon.

Indeed, when a person hates his body, she can become addicted to food, and yet these people can at the same time, seek to lose weight to better accept themselves.
A contradictory situation, but very real.

Eating compulsively is not a choice

Although many people think that compulsive eaters consciously decide their behavior, it should be noted that these impulses appeal to very deep aspects of our minds.

That's why that it is very important to help those who suffer from eating disorders, and refer them to appropriate medical help.

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