Why are we doing so much harm?

Why are we doing so much harm?

Often, we may feel that our personal evolution is not in the best of shape, and we feel then the need to change everything, or at least a large part, without knowing why.

Today, I'm happy to share my experience with you thanks to this article. Let's start by removing the mask we wear sometimes.

Life is full of hazards

Life is more like a succession of turns than a long straight line. You will surely agree with me if I tell you that life is not based on established rules.

Life is an apprenticeship, and that supposes to fail, to deceive, to rise, to go forward, to give up, to forget.

Thus, there is nothing wrong with not finishing school, ending relationships or not respecting certain laws imposed by society that want for example that at a certain age you have children, a work, etc …

No one should judge you for what you are doing or what you have decided to stop doing. remember that you are the only master of your life.

You will be happy when you allow yourself to be.

Take this turn in your path, and if something does not happen as you would like, relax, think, turn around, find a track and take all your time.

Time is precious, but remember that if you do things without profit and without being truly present, it is useless.

You can go wrong … But rise up

Planning your life is a good thingbecause it allows us to create perspectives, illusions and passions, and to reflect on the next step to fulfill our dream and become a reality.

However, it is not recommended to constantly plan according to the decisions you have made before, becauseremember that you owe nothing to anyone, only to yourself.

By doing so, you believe that you owe something to someone, when in reality, the fullness of life is based on what you owe to yourself.

The fear of the unknown locks you into the decisions your loved ones are surely already part of. However, know that you will not disappoint anyone if you do not follow the plan.

Try, deceive yourself! By venturing into the unknown, life will reward you for the greatness of your soul.

Choosing the wrong person allows you to become better and let it go. As for personal relationships in which unconditional love is the basis of everything, I ask myself this question: "have you ever thought of being someone instead of worrying about being with somebody ?” .

remember that love is born of the purity of feelings between two human beingsnot by convenience or by force of time and effort. Before any relationship, it is essential to already want to share your life with oneself.

Starting a love story to protect yourself from your fear of confronting yourself for fear of the unknown or because you are not ready to face life is not right.

Before offering your heart, blossom as a person and become the best version of yourself.

When you find the right person, this personal fulfillment will not be for one, but for two: it is love.

ATgive yourself time to mature, and to feel lonelinessand its greatness as well as the happiness of being truly yourself for your half.

By building your future, you improve your past. You build your existence through your successes and your experiences, good or bad, but never bad.

Learn to let go of your emotions and to feel them

Learning to let go of your emotions is the secret of a fulfilling life, without resentment or remorse, because by deceiving us, we learn and we learn lessons, never forget it.

You are the master and captain of your emotions. If you let the situations hurt you and the negative emotions invade you, you will never go forward. You will not be able to move forward or feel free.

Compare yourself with others to put yourself forward, never to forget you. We live in a world governed by "followers". Social networks have created a system in which if you do not have everything, you are worthless.

Comparing ourselves to others, we only seek to be better than others, while the secret lies in being better together, sharing the world.

Emotions are a treasure, feel them and express them. We live immersed in a society in which we prefer material and tangible things to magic and the untouchable.

Emotions define us and make us what we are today: unique and extraordinary beings.

We will never feel the emotions in the same way as others, but we have the ability to understand and feel empathy for them.

We are afraid of being sincere and "what will we say". Dare to experience the grandeur of emotions. Learn not to shut up to them and share them with the world.

We prevent ourselves from fulfilling our dreams for fear of failing or not deserving them when we are all on this earth to realize them. Unfortunately, we are content with things that do not correspond to us.

So live, listen to what your heart dictates to you to be happy. Love yourself and do everything to offer the most beautiful things in the world and share them with others and others.

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