Why are some people constantly worried?

Why are some people constantly worried?

When a conflict situation, an event or a comment obsesses us, our brain repeats in a loop the pain and suffering associated with it. Our memory and our imagination multiply the negative emotions generated by what bothers us to blur our vision of reality.

When we are not able to control our anxiety, and to contain it within reasonable limits, it is undoubtedly created a circle of anxietywhose epicenter is formed by "anxiety", an evil that we all suffered one day or another.

So that the human being can continue to reason constructively, to recognize the dangers, to seek solutions or to present a dignified attitude, whatever the situations imposed on us by life, he needs "anxiety", and his faithful companion "anxiety", but in the right measures.

When our anxieties constantly capture our mind, our brain creates an inner film that distorts reality very quickly. Little by little, our mind will adapt to this repetitive situation until it becomes chronic.

Therefore, all chapters will always lead us to the same conclusion: act as people who can not help but worry about a yes or a no.

With no apparent way out, and with deep-seated anxiety, worry takes control of our brain by generating a kind of mental addiction that can ultimately lead to the development of different types of nerve disorders: insomnia (triggered by unceasing thoughts or worries), phobias (rejection of others, situations or things), obsessions (for order, appearance, cleanliness, health).

Faced with this problem, the best way to break this vicious cycle of perpetual anxiety is to think critically about our thoughts, to pay more attention to ourselves, and to ask ourselves with more than a healthy skepticism:

What is the probability that my fears become reality? What benefit do I withdraw by continually turning this problem around?

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