Why are green pens less used?

Why are green pens less used?

The company has a penchant for sadness.We tend to focus on mistakes,to punish and torture us with them. We highlight everything in the red pen and completely forget the green pen …

Small faults that do not matterbecome the worst crime, the biggest violation,the most absolute proof of our uselessness.We shake this whip by hurting ourselves and doing it to others. After that, we try to heal our wounds with a clumsy hand that refuses to follow a different pace than the one marked by society.

If there was a manual of unhappy people, this feature would surely appear on the front page.Many people know very well how to torture themselves. They do it even in front of others, and not only when they are alone. At school, we are not taught to channel our emotions so that they play for us. The red pen is used instead of the green pen.The errors are heavy and the right answers are taken for granted.

The green pen in childhood

Teachers demand the attention of their students for those points through which the error exudes.If you have trouble with mathematics and do not have the average, you will probably spend your summer doing computational exercises and solving problems. English or your own language is set aside because your very good grades did not attract attention.

I was a student and now I am a teacher. On my way, I saw hundreds of corrected homework on which the same things were emphasized. The ones that were wrong.The work could be clean and well thought out, but it does not matter: a small misspelling, an oversight at the time of registering units or a lack of attention with a sign always stood out, like the nose in the middle of the figure .

The green pen is an attitude

Thus, it is the errors that very often condition the distribution we make of time.The philosophy is to reduce the cracks through which water can enter. On the other side of the coin, we find a more attractive and stimulating didactic. The one that consists in highlighting the successes, the difference between before and after, the result of the effort. This, traditionally, is done in green and not in red. That's why we use these two colors.

Because we use them all, even if we do not correct exams.We go home, our spouse has prepared dinner, everything tidy but forgot to make the bed. What are we going to say, and after, and after …? What will we report? The glass half full or half empty is not just a question of pessimism or optimism. It's a filter in our eyes.

We also use pens with other adults. The question is which color is most used with others. And with ourselves. Do we end our day thinking about these data that have not responded to the economic forecast of our department? Or those exercises that we have done for days and have done away with our knee pain?

The red pen or the green pen talk about how we treat others and how we treat ourselves.We think that generosity is a great value but we must admit that we do not apply it much in this field. We admire the people who motivate and comfort others … Why do not we admire ourselves when we do it? Is it true that green ink is extremely expensive and that red ink costs nothing?

Going beyond mistakes allows us to aspire to a balance where all colors can be combined. Acquirea full color palettewill make us stronger on the personal ground. And we will turn into an example for others on the social ground.

Learn from your mistakes, and if you stumble, you will not fall but you will steal

We will explain to you in what way we should not be overcome by discouragement or negative thoughts. Learn to see beyond … Read More "
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