Why are couples moving away?

Why are couples moving away?

Reduced finances, the arrival of a child, the education of the child, the political family, psychological maltreatment, infidelity, differences of character are just as much of frequent problems that can keep us away from our partner.

Once these problems are analyzed and their source determined, it is very common to see couples to move away, and especially to enter into an endless dynamic of endless and endless arguments.

Discussions and arguments are needed to reach agreement on different aspects, but the most serious issue for some couples is lack of tolerance, mutual listening, and dialogue.

Ultimately, they do not know how to communicate and spend their time looking for a culprit and reaffirming their position, causing situations surrounded by screams, irony, and destruction.
This leads in the long run to frustration and hardship that the relationship often has trouble overcoming.

Regret and apologize are difficult gestures when we are convinced that we are not guilty of the crime committed. But when we are hurt, or we feel hurt several times in a row by similar events, forgiving then becomes synonymous with impossible mission.

It is easier to forgive by adopting positive attitudes and acting with good intentions, but it is also important to know how to allow time for wounds to heal.

We should be humble, and openly apologize while accepting that we all make mistakes,we included.

We should allow time to soothe anger, and to slash our pride to be able to respect the time the other needs. In addition, we should admit that the other will forgive us when he considers that the right moment has arrived.

If we change the way we communicate by talking, we will strengthen our relationship to overcome any disagreement that may (re) arise.

A broken and dismembered couple is the fruit of endless hours of discussions where respect and affection have gradually faded to make room for dissatisfaction. The mere fact of not being able to accept the point of view of the other person or his needs constitutes the pillars of infidelities and ruptures. Without forgiveness it is impossible to save a relationship.

Falling in love is accompanied by a lot of happiness, intensity and lightness, then comes a phase of stability where the couple sincerely intend to consolidate their future together.

However, sometimes some couples come to a phase of disenchantment and apathy in which dialectical disputes and breakdown go hand in hand.

Perhaps if we make it a point of honor to maintain the passion, the communication, the dialogue, the search for similar interests, the intimacy, the complicity in our life together, and the sharing of leisure time, we could avoid many discussions and separations in favor of an emotional stability that varies in intensity in a natural way during our life.

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