Whoever spends his time trying to improve does not have time to criticize others

Whoever spends his time trying to improve does not have time to criticize others

One of the greatest tellers of a person's emotional and vital poverty is seeing them spend all their time and energy criticizing others.

There is nothing more exhausting than hearing someone criticize everything that moves.

Moreover, living with this kind of negativity can be fatal to us, because the words and the attitudes of these people who are constantly criticizing are like viruses that invade our mind and gnaw at it.

It is better to get away from those people who poison and choke us to the point of losing their balance.

The price of a life of tranquility is incalculable. Thus, we must prevent people from harming our physical and psychological space.

Happy people do not talk bad about others

How much time a day do you spend listening to reviews? A lot ? Few? It may be time to act and get away from certain situations or people.

You are endangering your well-being and your emotional balance.

So, spend some time to improve yourself and those around you. This will serve two purposes: to maintain a healthy attitude to life and to lead by example.

If instead of criticizing others we strive to correct our mistakes, we could reach the highest level of emotional well-being.

For that, we must go beyond ourselves, to acquire sincerity, respect, humility, generosity and honesty.

We are not perfect and we can not claim to be. It is important to maintain an attitude of constant improvement that gives us the opportunity to live our lives without submitting to third-party emotional states.

What others think about you is their reality, not yours

The most unfortunate people in this world are people who are too interested in what others think.

Some people give their opinion about you, about your life, your decisions or about anything that affects them. They do it without anyone asking them for anything.

Most of the time, these are ill-intentioned opinions or devoid of any criteria, whose sole purpose is to hurt, belittle or enjoy the sorrow of others.

They are usually people who have low self-esteem, who do not accept each other and who can hardly accept others.

These people put labels that reflect the reality of what they feel, projecting their emotional difficulties.

Critics, these emotional wounds

Do not pay attention to things that others do, pay attention to what you do.

Begin by healing your emotional wounds by taking into account that each of us is unique and exceptional.

You do not need anyone's opinion to live. You are an adult, in full possession of his means, who can make decisions of his own.

Make your emotions and feelings predominate, do not be afraid to think the way you want.

Remember, unfounded criticism is a sign of great emotional poverty on the part of the person doing it.

If the person does not evolve, lives isolated in their resentment and does not accept any help, be selfish. Stay away, maintain that happiness and protect yourself.

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