Who needs a time machine?

Who needs a time machine?

It would be amazing to be able to travel back in time, really in the past.

To change things that went wrong, change decisions, change misplaced words, change a reaction, a behavior, ultimately something we regret.

Far be it from us to know the morality of your desires, but we will try to imagine how magical it would be to travel in a DeLorean whose main fuel is the trash.
First of all, let's ask what value would this type of decision have, if in a few seconds it was possible to go back in the past and return to the present.

It would be possible to challenge the decisions taken because it is they that allow us to move from one point to another, and it would be a shame to break this chain that defines us.

Then, distinguish the absurd from a situation you might regret. By the simple fact that it is unfair to attack something that, at the very moment it occurred, appeared to be correct, attracted, pleased, or convinced you.

You were wrong but why regret? There are great moments in a person's life, marked by monumental mistakes. And it is useless to abdicate and deny these moments because at the very moment they occurred, they seemed appropriate to you.

The choice still belongs to us. A machine to go back in time would make us lose the power of choice.

Finally, we invite you to think about the reality in which we find ourselves. We do not have a time machine and we do not need it. You want to change something?

You have been working for years in a branch that you do not like and you would like to go back and not commit yourself? Would you have liked to tell someone how wonderful she is? But what are you waiting for? The opportunity you have had will not be renewed so do not continue to waste time and regret things you can do!

Would not you like to have a fight with your best friend and not generate your loss of contact? Take your phone, bus or put on your shoes and solve this problem now.

Lamenting without reacting is a waste of time. React! You still have time! Do not wait for a machine to adjust everything you can do yourself. And right now.

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