Who loves me come and get me

Who loves me come and get me

We should not walk behind someone who sees us coming and dodging us. We should not run behind someone who knows we are there, who knows our intention to join him and who never opens our arms. We must respect each other.

The tenderness does not implore because one harvests only the lack of interest. It's time to take a few minutes of our time and tear off some calendar sheets. It is the moment to react, to love oneself and to work one's dignity. So who loves me come and get me.

Affect does not speak the same language as egoism and indifference. No, tenderness is sincere, honest, cordial and reciprocal.

We talk about interest only when we look for a common profit, when we try to water the tree of the relationship, to grow it.

Today, I leave you at liberty. Today, I forget my fears. Today, I'm starting to showcase myself. Today, I'm moving forward. Today, I stop waiting …

What is involved in "crawling" for self-esteem and emotional well-being?

Creeping and begging for crumbs of attention and tenderness leaves a permanent mark on our esteem and our emotional well-being. The fact that others ignore us makes us feel small, insignificant and vulnerable.

We can associate our feelings with the helplessness, frustration and anger that are felt because we are unable to reach the kind of relationship we would like to have with the person who ignores our presence and despises our interest.

The esteem we have of ourselves is then totally reduced in these cases. Feeling like this means that we can not maintain a correct attitude towards ourselves.

It is not easy to renew and heal what time and indifferent attitudes of others have destroyed. Recomposing his pieces requires pride, courage and a certain healthy selfishness.

"I met someone. It's me. I will give myself a chance. "
-Elvira Sastre-

Do not look, let them find you

Start by looking for yourself and let others find you. Running behind people who ignore you hurts you. Whoever loves you will look for you and who does not do it in a simple way is not someone who must be at your side.

Do you know how to fly? It's time to stretch out your wings and take off. So, take back the reins of your life and surround yourself with people who do not like your supplications, who do not suffocate you and who do not feed on selfishness.

We must know that the claims of the heart mark our path. That's why we must try to get rid of these stones that have crept into our shoes.

We can not (and we must not) ignore the pain and suffering of someone who does not love us and take advantage of us.

That is why to restore self-esteem and the perception of our courage as well as our individuality, we must know that nothing is possible if we do not take care of ourselves before anything else, and if we do not prevent others from directing our lives.

It is normal that once we have broken these vicious circles, it is difficult to come away completely and give up something we have never had and want more than anything in the world.

It is also possible that we go wrong at first and that we do not manage to synchronize with what makes us really good and makes us happy.

However, letting go of things that bring us bad things always ends up spinning the wheel, and brings new and hopeful winds to our lives.

Little by little, we will rediscover this idea that we only need ourselves to live, we are the only people who are indispensable to our lives and we deserve to be surrounded by people who appreciate our company.

If someone does not give you a minute of his life when he fills yours with demands, and breaks you up with his indifference, it's time to say goodbye and leave.

Let others come to you, it's time to become someone worthy.

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