Which are the most resilient countries in the world?

Which are the most resilient countries in the world?

A new study gives us information about the most resilient countries in the world. Nevertheless, before setting out the list; it might be interesting to mention Anthony Robbins' reflection: "Remember that you are always greater than your circumstances, you are more than anything that can happen to you."

It does not matter where you are from. You are you and your circumstances. It is clear, however, that some "components", some countries, cultures and societies are developing more or less in the medium term this is why we can call them more or less resilient.

"Whoever has a why to live, can endure almost any how."

-Friedrich Nietzsche-

What is resilience?

Resilience refers to our ability to adapt to external circumstances. This means that being very resilient will make it easier for the individual to overcome complex situations through their character (inheritance) or their resources (learning). A resilient person demonstrates good ability to manage stress. Also, she generally shows a high self-esteem and a strong ability not to get frustrated or quickly overcome such situations.

Resilience is very positive because it allows the individual to use the remains of negative experiences as a reinforcement. Overcoming a complex experience involves the onset of a torrent of experiences that will of course be very useful.

The study on the most resilient countries

This study uses the Global FM Resiliency Index, which evaluates 9 factors, as a benchmark. grouped into 3 categories. They thus determine the capacity of the inhabitants of a country to recover from a crisis. For example, questions are related to risks associated with natural phenomena, the nation's infrastructure and its political stability, value chain or levels of corruption.

In the test, users answer questions about their behavior towards changes. In fact, we study elements such as attitude to specific critical situations, emotional fluctuations, the ability to trust others, tolerance of criticism, passing ability, etc.

Discover the most resilient countries in the world

It is important to bear in mind that this test is carried out in an entrepreneurial scheme, but that it says a lot about the population of the countries. In fact, depending on the characteristics of the inhabitants of a country, an international company may or may not decide to break into its productive fabric.


According to the test results, Switzerland is the most resilient country in the world. With very high levels of economic confidence, little fear of natural hazards and a very high supply chain.

Depending on the result, in Switzerland there is very high punctuality both at personal level and in terms of service (in reference to trains and public transport). Furthermore, this country shows great strength vis-à-vis international crises.


In second place, we find Norway. This Nordic country proves that by not having an economic and supply level so high as Switzerland, it is possible to have great confidence and tranquility in the reactions related to the adverse natural phenomena. That's what allows them to be second.


In third place is the surprising Ireland. In that case, the inhabitants show a great capacity of reaction vis-à-vis the natural risks but not so much from an economic point of view and supply. However, it's enough to be on the podium.

Other interesting data

The top 10 is complemented by Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Australia and Denmark. You may be wondering what rank France is. To find our country, you have to go down to 19th position. You may think that our position is very low but keep in mind that more than 100 countries have been studied, so the result is not so bad.

Spain is at 25th position. This country shows good reactions from an economic point of view and towards natural risk factors. However, the perception of corruption and a defeatist attitude weaken his situation.

The lowest ranked country among the 130 countries is Venezuela. Over there, susceptibility to natural phenomena is important and the level of corruption high. This places the country in last position, behind Kazakhstan and the Dominican Republic, which also closes the ranking. A popular saying says that "he who does not console himself does not want to console himself". In this ranking, we find everything. This study is focused on the market and trade in the most resilient countries in the world. Do you agree with the results?

"The world breaks everyone, and then, some are strong in broken places."

Ernest Hemingway

Resilience: being strong despite the storms

In this article, we will explain what the main characteristics of resilient people are so you can start working on them. Learn more
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