When you fall in love, do not try to explain it, and let love take over

When you fall in love, do not try to explain it, and let love take over

To love someone and not to know the reason, not to know since when and until when, but to know that one feels free, that one feels happy, and that a smile illuminates our face all the days, is a beautiful feeling.

The other does not prevent us from flying on our own, and makes us dream.

With him, we share moments happy or sad, moving or boring, but always full of life, which invade us with love.

We all felt this way in our lives, but for fear of the future, we asked too many questions.

Why do I like this person? How will our relationship unfold? Shall we argue? What will I do if she leaves me?

"To love is an exercise for the brave, if the stimulation is good, it is easy to be carried away by the current"
-Roque Valero-

Love is a risk

When we fall in love, we always run a risk.

It is a risk that scares us, but we must not allow doubts and worries to pervade our minds and prevent us from enjoying these moments of happiness.

Uncertainty about the other person's feelings and the fear of abandonment must be faced with great courage.

If you do not live the present moment, if you do not risk to let your feelings express themselves for fear of being rejected, you will never feel that feeling of hovering in the clouds, of constantly smiling, of doing love in all carelessness, and to feel the passion invade you.

What happens when you fall in love?

When we fall in love, the world becomes radically different, just like our body, which is experiencing many changes and moving at a totally new pace.

Some reactions in us may tell us that we are falling in love, or that we have been feeling this for a while now.

The idealization of the other person

Often we see in the other what we want to see, what we are missing or what we would like to be.

Over time, there may be a kind of disillusionment: the person we had the impression to see, does not really exist.

It is different from the image we have, and our feelings can change.

It is also possible that we perceive this person in a more rational way, but that does not reach the feelings we feel for her.

"I love you as love dark things, secretly, between shadow and soul"
-Pablo Neruda-

The fear of being rejected

We are all afraid of being rejected, but if we do not try our luck at some point in our lives, we will certainly miss out on great opportunities.

Reciprocity in love is something very complexbecause many factors come into play.

Sometimes it's just not the right time or the right person. At other times, it's because we are afraid.

Fear is a reflection of our protective instinct. It is normal for her to accompany us, but we must put limits on her. It is important to establish how far we are willing to go, not to be paralyzed in advance.

Body changes

Our behavior towards something that we appreciate is very characteristic.

Without realizing it, we look at the person who attracts us in a new way. We observe his way of moving, talking or looking at himself.

We feel overwhelmed when we see it, and it's something we feel in our chest. We feel stupid, we blush, etc.

Close your eyes and let love take over

To be carried away by one's feelings is an extraordinary sensation.

It is important to live in the present and not to think of the future, which is by definition uncertain, but to live here and now.

The psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi developed the concept of "flow", which symbolizes the state in which we find ourselves when we flourish in an activity, or with a person, and enjoy life.

To reach this state, one must concentrate fully on this thing that we are doing or experiencing, as if we are losing the notion of space and time.

We must therefore take advantage of what we feel in the present momentand not worry about what will happen tomorrow, since it is impossible to know it anyway.

Focusing on this uncertainty prevents us from seeing what is wonderful in the present.

Never forget that love does not have to involve sadnessand it is not necessary to suffer for love.

Love is made to be lived, to be happy and source of happiness, to carry us away and to make us feel a whole myriad of sensations.

"Whenever you fall in love, do not explain anything to anyone, let love invade you without going into details"
-Mario Benedetti-
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