When violence settles in the couple

When violence settles in the couple

Jealousy, over-control and manipulation are some of the characteristics of men and women who are violent in their relationship. It is important to recognize these characteristics to remain vigilant and to avoid falling into a situation where violence settles in the couple.

At the beginning of a relationship, one might think that these signals mean nothing and that they reflect the attachment of our half. However, it is essential to set limits to prevent negative situations from occurring in the future.


It is very common for our half to show some jealousy at one time or another. But if this jealousy goes beyond reasonable bounds and affects relationships with your friends, colleagues, or family, the problem is serious.

In general, this abusive jealousy is manifested by constant questioning about where you are, what you are doing and who you are with.

In the worst case, your other half may stop you from going out, suffocating you with questions, or limiting your outings and contacts.


Do you feel that your spouse still wants to be right? That he / she makes all the decisions on the pretext that you are not able to? Well…

This is verbal abuse and you become a victim. In general, violent people lack confidence and need to prove their superiority over others to regain some confidence.


An abusive or violent spouse will intimidate you and show the control he / she has over you. For example, he / she can demand that all your attention be on him / her, and that little by little you move away from the rest of your knowledge.

In addition, control can also be done on your money, your car, your outings, in general anything that can limit your independence. If you recognize yourself in this description, it is important that you regain control of your life quickly.

Remember that you can call a doctor.


Have you ever felt the obligation to do something you did not want to do? Is it because your spouse forced you to do it indirectly? If so, this is manipulation, an art that violent people master to perfection.

These people often use offensive words to get what they want and to justify their actions.

Many promises but no actions

Finally, an abusive spouse will make you a lot of promises that he / she will not keep. This attitude often comes with manipulation because it is about making you believe that he / she is doing everything possible to change.

If it is difficult for you to get away from your spouse, ask yourself this question: "How many times has he / she promised to change and how many times has he / she really fact ?

Stay away from your abusive partner

If you realize that your spouse is presenting some or all of these points, it would be better to get away or even divorce.

Many people who accept this vicious circle think they can change their half. However, this is usually impossible and they become victims. Remember, you can not change people.

For this, it is essential that the other person really wants it.

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