When to be immersed in memories means to lose one's present

When to be immersed in memories means to lose one's present

To live of one's memories means to limit oneself. Whoever, in a way, does not take advantage of everyday life, does not get the most out of his present and the experiences of here and now …Life is not about remembering but acting. We must not turn around: we must go forward.To be stuck between the past and the future is not living in the present.

Memories are an essential part of life. They are inevitable, whether good or bad. In a way,they represent a way of getting hooked on what we love, who we are, and what we do not want to lose.To what profoundly marked us.

Yesterday is the memory of today and tomorrow is the dream of the present.

Memories are misleading because they are tainted by the events of the present and the traps of memory.The difference between false memories and true memories is the same as that between jewels: fake ones are always the ones that seem to be the most real, the brightest.

Spanish writer, screenwriter and director Ray Loriga said in his bookTokyo does not love us anymore (Tokyo ya no nos quiere), something that scientists have noticed for a long time:"Memory is like the stupidest dog, you throw him a stick and he comes back with anything".

"If only you lived every day of your life!"

-Jonathan Swift-

Life would be impossible if we remembered everything

One day Albert Einstein was asked what he was doing when he had a new idea. For example, if he wrote it on a sheet or in a special notebook. The scientist answered very clearly: "When I have a new idea, I do not forget it". And it is true:when something strikes us, it is impossible to forget it.

We remember what is really important. From what moves us This thing activates in us the regions and the cerebral connections necessary for the preservation of this memory.The problem is that what we have to forget remains as deeply inscribed in our minds.Nothing keeps a memory more intensely than the desire to lose it.

Psychology tells us that it is necessary to forget to keep the most important memories.In the end, it is possible that the dog of memory is not so stupid: he does not bring us the stick that we threw him because we wanted to recover something else.

"You must live the present time, get on every wave, look for your eternity in every moment, what is behind us and what lies ahead is nothing compared to what is in us."

-Henry David Thoreau-

Memories are a lasting fragrance

Pleasure is the flower that blossoms when we live, work, act.By doing this, we build our memory day after day. This memory will be the perfume that will last. The happiest memories are the moments that ended when they should, without having to be stretched in time …

That's why we do not remember whole days but moments. We must therefore create new situations on a daily basis.The richness of life lies in the memories we continue to build.Always acting can seem complicated, especially if we are well anchored in our comfort zone. However, it is necessary to do it to live with intensity.

Even though we have a tangible physical body and perceive the world around us with all our senses,we live a lot in our mind. It is still necessary to make a decision.We can spend our lives remembering our past and what it has made us feel. Or, on the contrary, we can take control of our existence and, consequently, of our emotions. Only in this way can we enjoy our life.

The key to living and not staying immersed in our memories is to think, imagine and hope less.We must accept what is, and nothing more. Live the present moment, without letting ourselves be trapped by the pitfalls of our minds.

In general, we are always preparing to live but never live. But life should work the other way.

Happiness is not in another place, it is there. It will not happen at another time because it is there, now …Do not forget it.

The two great laws of memory

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