When the soul needs to cry

When the soul needs to cry

Who does not like reading an article who is talking about ancient ancestral beliefs that unfortunately disappear with time?

At the moment, some scientists think that forebodings are not just a popular legend that goes back to the dawn of time, but that we need to pay special attention to them.

Numerous studies have shown that we are able to anticipate something that will happen in less than five minutes. This does not happen systematically, but can happen.

It's interesting, is not it? And on many similar topics, serious studies can provide us with surprising results.

For example, many people refuse to outsource their emotions, and always think about their appearance. But if we have the faculty of laughing and crying, why deprive ourselves of it?

When we laugh at a joke or a happy event, we have to do it fully. In the same way, when we cry, we have to do it freely, and not hold back our tears so as not to feel even more frustrated or hurt. This is not just a popular wisdom, as many recent studies have shown that crying is good for the soul.

This is not new, and it is certain that you have already felt it, when you are overwhelmed by your problems and you cry, when you have lost someone dear, when someone misses you or on the contrary you oppress, when you are frustrated, for small victories and great defeats, etc.

You have to know how to let yourself be won over by emotions and not listen to those who would like everything to always be under control or who see tears as a weakness.

Do not get used to perpetual sobs either, because life also requires strength of character, but when you want to cry because you feel defeated or to free yourself from a feeling that hurts youyou have to do it because it will be very beneficial to you.

The saying tells us "After the rain, comes the good weather".

Crying is healthy, it frees us from frustration and stress, and after a few tears, we feel much better. Even if things do not change thanks to a few tears, they can allow us to calm down and get off to a good start.

Crying is something natural, which relieves the soul. Expressed emotions are outmoded emotions, never forget it.

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