When should I go see a psychologist?

When should I go see a psychologist?

Even if the society in which we live accepts more and more things, there are still misconceptions about psychological counseling.

Contrary to what most people think, you do not have to be "crazy" or desperate for therapy … but you do not have to go to a psychologist every time you're in a complicated situation.

Yet, there are times when a psychologist's advice can help us move forward and overcome the situations that make us suffer.

Cases in which a person must consult a psychologist

Ideas and negative feelings

When you feel bad about yourself, you do not like who you are, and you always have to underestimate yourself. Loneliness, sadness, fatalism about the future, irrational fears and, more generally, any idea that affects every day, all these feelings, a psychologist can help us manage them.

Substance abuse

A person who consumes excessively drugs, alcohol, tobacco or any other type of substance harmful to the body and not prescribed by a doctor can be helped by a psychologist.

Some negative behaviors may also come into play, such as problems with food or sex. Consult a psychologist can complete the treatment and combine with the follow-up of other doctors and specialists.

The part of loved ones

The loss of a loved one can generate serious emotional conflict, and under these conditions, it is difficult to move forward. When you realize that you are unable to overcome this loss, it may be helpful to seek help from a specialist who can help you find the emotional balance you need.

In case of loss or death of a loved one, you can go to see a thanatologist, even if a clinical psychologist can also be of great help.

Mood jumps

It's hard to know what are the mood jumps that could justify making an appointment with a psychologist. We all have mood jumps, constantly because of our evolution as a person. However, some mood hopping may indicate the need for professional help.

When you change your mood for no reason and move from one behavior to another in a matter of seconds, you may be subject to problems of unjustified isolation.

Consult a psychologist, it's a crutch

You have to see psychological counseling as a crutch that can help us find the balance and stability that we have missedbut also be aware that in some cases, psychological counseling is only the first step on the path to identifying more serious problems that need to be treated with the help of other specialists.

It must be understood that consulting a psychologist should be a way of improving our quality of life, and that there is no reason to feel stigmatized.

On the other hand, you should not consult a psychologist for the sole purpose of relegating your problems to a third party.

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