When no one believes in you: the power of personal trust

When no one believes in you: the power of personal trust

When no one believes in you, you have reached the best time to do it for yourself. So when someone tells you that you are worthless, that your luck has passed or that your ambition does not match you, raise your head and smile. To set limits, you are there and moreover those who need help to do this are very few. Do it yourself will give you confidence. This will give you a more stable compass over which you will have more control. In this article, we talk about personal trust.

Sometimes you have to do it, you have to get closer and drink the water in the lion's basin. Thus, we will have an opportunity: that of raising fear and limiting its influence. Insecurity is a bad companion. Those who decide to stay safe will never enjoy the views at height where all the possibilities of the infinite light up before our eyes.

"Dare to be brave today and know that when you spread your wings, you will fly."

-Maria Demuth-

Abraham Maslow told us that the human being comes into the world with almost unlimited potential for personal development. This allows us to reach this summit of needs where the highest goals of happiness and well-being are found. So, curious as it may seem, not everyone can reach this peak (even if our abilities allow it).

The reason ? At one time or another, we all have to do with an agent willing to ball our personal growth. We can find it in many places because it acts frequently without warning. He can stand behind our loved ones, our friends, our teachers, our workmates or business managers. We speak figures that cut our wings and persuade us that we have no value …

The Jonah complex or when we do not trust ourselves

"When you were little, you had asthma, so at a very young age, we convinced you that sport was not for you. Football, Karate, Tennis? Better to choose something quiet. Choose the drawing or the failures to not take any risk. Later, you tell your teacher that you want to be an astronaut and he looks at you mixing derision and irony. But, you're not very good at science! He replied with a laugh. Better to go for a career in letters.

At university studying Geography and History, you decide to be a writer. You take a year to write your new science fiction novel with special touches and a great sense of humor. When you present it to a publisher, it does not answer you or does it in a standardized way.

Your manuscript is only one more among thousands. Your family and friends suggest that you forget about it and concentrate on a degree in order to become a high school teacher. A teacher who dreamed one day of being a professional sportsman and later an astronaut, then a writer … "

What should you do when no one believes in you? Maslow himself wrote a very interesting book on this subject. It was entitled The Farther Reaches of Human Nature. In this book, he explained that although the majority of us do not have a certain potential to achieve, we do not always benefit. We just fantasize about what we could do, what we could get …

However, we do not invest the means or the psychological conditions to achieve this. We let ourselves be conditioned by the opinions of others and we choose to settle in our comfort zone. Maslow named this reality the complex of Jonah which describes people who are aware of their abilities but do not dare to develop them out of fear and insecurity.

When no one believes in us: what can we do?

We must assume that there will always be one or more people telling us that we are worthless, that we do not know or that we can not give life to our dream, our project, our desire. When no one believes in you, you only have one option left (the most logical and plausible): believe in yourself and prove to them that they were wrong.

Such a turnaround is not easy and quick to give. This requires adequate interior work that can be based on three dimensions. Let's deepen them.

1. Do not be yours, be the one you want to be

We are all used to hearing "learn to be yourself". It is time to go further. To refine this idea a little. If we limit ourselves to being "ourselves", it is possible to adopt habits that are not beneficial to us. If fear, insecurity, and the need for approval are in our current "self," we will struggle to reach our goal.

The ideal is to clarify our desires and desires. We must promote inner transformation in order to unite new strengths and courage with which we will be able to fully trust ourselves.

2. A leap of faith between the life you have and the one you want

Any jump requires an impulse and any impulse requires having the necessary strength, willpower, motivation and optimism. So, when no one believes in you and in your possibilities, you must not allow them to contaminate you with their defeatism and negativity. Create a road map, organize your mind and fill it with positivity and determination. This is how the highest jumps are given.

"When no one believes in you, there is only one possible way: to be stronger and more optimistic than ever."

3. If some people do not believe in you, someone will

Reaching a goal may require strong personal trust. We live in social patterns. So, achieving a goal and success is not something we can do for ourselves. A triumph requires recognition, a promotion. The recognition of our merits by third parties.

Let's not let ourselves be destroyed by negative critics. Let's not look down on those who at one point doubt us and make fun of our ideas. In the end, great successes have never had a simple beginning. At some point, the right people will appear and they will know how to see and appreciate the values ​​of our interior.

In conclusion, it is worth remembering once again that this reasoning tells us that: the opposite of courage is not fear or cowardice, it is conformity. This is our real problem: we conform to what we already have and validate the comments others make.

Let's start by doubting those who extinguish our dreams. Those who suggest we get off the moon. To stop believing in a ridiculous dream. No goal is ridiculous if it turns in our mind and in our heart for a moment. Defy fear and defeat conformism to reach our own peaks.

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