When love becomes an obsession

When love becomes an obsession

For most people, love is a wonderful feeling that allows two people to be one. But, for some, love becomes an obsession for which a maniacal desire to possess the other is created.

This desire manifests itself in a lack of self-confidence as well as in fits of jealousy. These people are obsessed with the one they love, and spend their time tracking or tracking them, both physically and through other means.

Obsessional love, what is it?

To love an obsessive love, goes beyond love in itself. It is being obsessed with a person, as well as the feelings one feels for them. We must know that we can be obsessed with the other even if we do not know and we never spoke to him.

People who love an obsessive love have a low self-esteem because of the painful experiences they experienced as children.

Following this, an emotional emptiness has been created in them that they try to fill with what they believe to be the love of the other. They are convinced that if the other belongs to them, all their problems will be solved.

These people who become obsessed with a person, then develop a feeling of tenderness toward that person and end up fantasizing about her.

How to handle an obsession

As with any other psychological disorder, the problem must be addressed. But for a cure to be possible, the person must want to get out of it. If you recognize yourself in the description above and want to end obsessive love, follow these tips:

Take a distance from the problem and let the other live, which is even more important if you are an obsessive stalker.

If you want to change, then you have to forget that person and move forward keeping your distance from her, so that the memories do not resurface and the obsession does not grow.

Look in yourself and put yourself in the other's shoesbecause it is very important to understand that love is not inalienable, and that it does not rhyme with possession.

Once possession comes into play, the obsession is there, and if you do nothing to manage it, it will not only hurt you, but the people around you as well. That's why you have to stop working this way and change your mind.

Have more confidence in yourselfbecause low self-esteem is the cause of this disorder. For this, indulge in activities that help you feel good; this will allow you to gain confidence in yourself, to free yourself from the other … and therefore to be happy.

Find your favorite hobbyIn addition to allowing you to develop skills in a particular area, this will allow you to have more confidence in yourself, but will also help you overcome this feeling of helplessness and helplessness, because you will use your energy to progress in the practice of this hobby.

Get help from a professional and from your friends and familyA professional can listen to your problems and help you understand where they come from and finally propose solutions.

On the other hand, if you are fortunate to have a strong and positive circle of friends, you will benefit from their support and help whenever you need it.

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