When is a treatment for Alzheimer's disease?

When is a treatment for Alzheimer's disease?

Alzheimer's is probably one of the most important diseases of our time, and the anxiety around the discovery of a possible cure is more and more persistent.

This degenerative neuronal disease causes, as we all know, a gradual loss of memory that affects and suppresses all types of memories, from the most recent to the oldest.

How to diagnose it?

Even if we still have no cure, it is important to diagnose the disease as quickly as possible, because through specific techniques and very basic daily exercises, the process of neuronal deterioration can be delayed.

The first symptoms appear from the age of 60, and affect in the first place the lexical system and the semantic categories. There is evidence that the loss of this ability primarily affects living data (plants and animals). This amazing fact gives us the opportunity to detect that the patient is affected, during the very first phases of the disease.

The National University of Distance Education in Spain has carried out a study according to which, by a simple mental exercise of enumerating a list of animals and plants, one can detect with certainty and very quickly the presence, or no, Alzheimer's disease.

Statins, protective molecules of our brain

In recent years, teams of researchers have observed the existence of a correlation between high cholesterol levels and the development of Alzheimer's disease. Big names in the pharmaceutical industry have decided to launch a study in this direction, starting by developing statins, these components that reduce cholesterol levels and act as neuroprotective agents.

These studies have already obtained official results, which attest to the effectiveness of statin action. According to Javier Burgos, director of research at BioPharma, it is still essential to wait until these molecules have passed the various tests to ensure that their use can be done safely.

Alzheimer's disease in numbers

If a vaccine, or an effective treatment, for Alzheimer's disease was found, it would be good news for the whole world. Indeed, currently, more than 35 million people suffer from this pathology. According to the forecasts of different universities, this figure will double around 2030, and triple by 2050.

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