When impulsiveness destroys you

When impulsiveness destroys you

It seems that impulsivity has no positive aspect. Being impulsive can put you and those around you at risk.

Since this is an unconscious act, later you will regret your gestures and your words, but you will not be able to go back.

So, it is extremely important to learn to dominate one's impulses and think a little more.

If you react a quarter turn for a small remark, if you are asked a question and you answer the first thing that goes through your head, if you are always the first to start a discussion, if when something happens If you go wrong throw things on the floor or start screaming like a child, you may have an impulsivity problem.

Do not panic, because everything has a solution. First of all, it is necessary to understand that being impulsive from time to time is not something negativebecause impulsivity can sometimes help you get out of shyness and introversion, get what you want and make yourself heard.

However, the problem arises when impulsivity becomes daily and is no longer punctual.

There are different types of impulsive or compulsive people. This article aims to discuss other ways to channel your emotions and react appropriately, to bring out your rage, anger or sorrow if something does not go as planned or when you do not know how face a problem.

Our way of expressing ourselves allows us to transmit a lot of information, et words and gestures can sometimes hurt. You may not have intended to do things wrong, but that's what happened.

If you are the type to throw the first stone, to answer before having analyzed the situation, to make you angry or to fight; if you are obsessed with anger and when you are angry you think only of being hurtful, of avenging yourself and shouting … Be careful because Impulsiveness can play you bad tricks.

Do not look for excuses such as: "I'm stressed", "I acted without thinking", "I have a lot of problems right now", "I'm struggling with the economic crisis", "I'm impulsive about nature "," I have my rules ", etc. Face the situation and accept that you have an impulsivity problem. This is the first step.

Then comes the moment to act, not to react. It means that If your first will to something you do not like is to fight against it, you better wait.

It may be that the technique of counting up to ten (or twenty, thirty, one hundred …) or that of deep breaths work on you. It serves you not to say the first thing that goes through your head, because it's usually not the most sensible.

Sometimes letting a few seconds pass does not mean that you want to end the conversation or that you have not understood something, but that you need time to analyze the information. You may think it's better to react faster than light, but that's not the case.

When you put things in perspective, everything will be clearer. When you take the time to analyze the words used by each other and yourself, you will get better results.

If you prevent impulsivity from overriding your words or actions, you will be better predisposed. Likewise, if you think before you act or measure your words, then you will arrive safely.

Here is a little sentence to finish, hoping that she makes you think about all this:

Always think about what you will do before acting. Do not let impulsiveness dominate you or your path fill with darkness”.

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