When emotions are repressed, the heart suffers

When emotions are repressed, the heart suffers

Nobody can introspect and see nothing but emptiness inside. Even the emptiness we can feel deep down within us has limits.

We are all filled with people, moments, insignificant details that make up our lives, and make us the people we are.

All these things, big and small, have made us mature in our existence. Some people do not manage to leave the absences of loved ones who haunt them, but are not empty.

We all have deep inside ourselves emotions that hurt us. If we do not express them, our heart will not be able to advance on the path of life.

Listen to yourself and express everything that hurts you

If there is one thing that distinguishes us from animals, it is the faculty of speaking. In addition to being our most significant mode of expression, speech can also enable us to heal the wounds that are buried deep in our being.

We must put words on the things we feel, to give them a place to express themselves.

One of the best things you can do is to speak out loud, to say what hurts you, to let that pain go. Expressing what you feel is the best way to get rid of it.

It's exactly the same as when we buy a single ticket for an unknown destination: expressing our feelings is a way out of everything that makes us unhappy.

Building a carapace will not make you stronger than in appearance

At the time when life seems to shut us all doors, and where we shut ourselves up, we lose the trace of our identity. The only way to become who we are is to listen to us, and even to shout if it is necessary.

We all cry, we all suffer, and sometimes we hate ourselves, as if we were the only ones responsible for this blockage, and that there was an external force that forced us to shut up and keep our heads down. It's a difficult feeling to describe, but we all feel it.

As we affirm in the title of this article, when the emotions are repressed, the heart suffers, because all that it feels remains blocked in its interior.

It's as if we had our hands tied. Whenever others touch us and approach us, it's as if they are pinching us.

"It was finally at the height of winter, that I realized that there was in me a invincible spring
-Albert Camus-

However, we do not always realize that we have in us this "invincible spring", a "I can do it" that allows us to face any situation.

What we forget is that a person's heart needs to express what they feel and open the windows to expel all the pain it contains, in order to heal itself, to get clean to take care of himself and to rise.

The most difficult smile to express is that of the soul

When we do not let our hearts shut on themselves, and open ourselves to others, we immediately feel lighter and more satisfied with our existence.

We experience sensations so pleasant, that after having tasted, the desire to feel them again becomes irrepressible.

If you start walking step by step on this path, you will see that a smile will gradually appear on your face.

This smile will be born of immense suffering, and you will know it better than anyone, but it will make you stronger. It will cost you so much crying, pain, and effort to achieve it.

"If the smile comes from deep within you, you can cry simply, without tearing yourself apart, without despair, without calling death, or feeling empty. Crying, only crying. If your smile stays, it will turn into a rainbow "
-Mario Benedetti-

We must get out of ourselves all the dark colors that are there, to better spring a rainbow of our soul.

Crying sometimes leads to the most beautiful smiles, as the rains often give rise to the most beautiful skies.

In other words, the most difficult smile to express is that of the soul. If you can not find it deep down, you will not be at peace.

When you get there, you will discover that you must first love yourselfand that the world that is offered to us is an immense source of joy, without limits or torments.

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