What we have to give up to be happy

What we have to give up to be happy

A friend who constantly lies, the idea that we must please everyone, or our obsession with the past … Some situations or people hurt us, and it would be better for us to chase them out of our lives to find the happiness that we deserve.

Your obsession for the past

A person who regrets what they have done in the past or feels responsible for the results of their actions can be caught in a vicious circle filled with tears, sadness and depression.

We sometimes forget that we can not change the past, and that the only way to be free and happy is to stop thinking about it, to leave memories in the past.

If you have truly hurt someone, you can try to repair the damage, but do not be obsessed with what you can not change.

Often, we need our own forgiveness more than that of others. It is therefore important to work on this problem and move forward. This friend who is causing you problems

Friendship is a relationship that enriches the existence of the human being. Some of our friends have shared our lives since we were kids, and others have joined us on the way.

Whatever the case,if one of your friends is causing you problems, cheating on you, taking advantage of you, disappointing you, or provoking constant negative reactions in you, it may be time for your paths to separate.

 This kind of decision often generates a great internal conflict, because we think that we must help our friends to move forward, but when a situation deeply affects you, you must evaluate whether to forget your well-being for the benefit of yours. friend is worth it.

Remember that the most important person in your life is you.

Those people who are waiting for you to change for them

It may be that a friend, a parent, or your partner live in the hope that you are turning into the person she / he wants you to become.

These people surely want what's best for you, but it can endanger your identity, that is, what you really want.

They can place you, unwittingly, at a crossroads of feelings where the fear of disappointing others and the fear of giving up your dreams are mixed.

Always keep in mind that living someone else's life is a bomb that will explode sooner or later. The reward you will get by pleasing others will never make up for the loss of yourself.

These people who are attached to you

Some people remain in our lives by "force", whether because they are accustomed to the practical benefits we offer them, because they are afraid of being alone, or because they believe we are not independent.

Regardless of the situation, it is clear that you will probably not be able to find happiness with this type of person in your life. When someone is attached to us, we are bound to his misfortune, and nothing good can come out of it.

To be happy, it is not only essential to live in the present while valuing ourselves, but also to be ourselves.

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