What we do not see behind the mask

What we do not see behind the mask

Choosing your own mask is the first voluntary human act. And lonely.

Clarice Lispector

Many people are successful, happy or seem to have a perfect life. But is this really the case? Not always, because many of them pretend. This is called wearing a mask.

These are depressed people who are optimistic, anxious people who seem relaxed, and people who choose to wear a mask so that others do not see what they really are.

You want to know the different masks we wear and their reasons? We will explain everything in this article!

The controller

It may be that a person who controls every aspect of his life has been betrayed before. Faced with this pain, the person develops a behavior that will allow him to make sure that others keep their promise. So, she will avoid suffering another treason.

The controller hides feelings of insecurity. Thus, it is essential to control everything, and sometimes even exaggeratedly.

The mask protects him from the pain of a new betrayal, while he tries to do everything to prevent this from happening again.

The rigid

A rigid person has sometimes suffered great injustices before. Faced with this, she becomes inflexible, constantly seeking justice and the accuracy of things.

A rigid person becomes a perfectionist, so much so that it turns into a obsession. Everything has to be in its place!

So, studying everything perfectly will prevent injustice from ringing at our door. That's why the rigid ones act like this.

The dependent

A dependent person often carries with it the pain of the feeling of abandonment. This injury causes indifference towards others, so as not to feel abandoned again. This avoids taking any relationship seriously, while rejecting the idea of ​​living with someone.

The pain of abandonment is terrible. The dependent person suffers in the deepest of self from not being able to depend on someone, or failing to believe that the people who are important to them will never abandon him.

The runner

The fugitive rejects the company. She prefers loneliness, and moments of calm. She totally rejects being the center of attention, because it scares her.

A person who flees behaves this way because it has been rejected and it causes such an injury in her, that she prefers to avoid it.

Escaping people can not bear not knowing how to act in specific situations, to be ashamed or to feel lost, simply because it would provoke rejection from others.

In their solitude they are neither vulnerable nor uncertain. Their mask protects them from what makes them suffer. Is it cowardice? No! It is simply a matter of avoiding that what we can not control can hurt us.

The masochist

It may be a mental or emotional masochist. This attitude is due to a feeling of humiliation and shame dating from a past situation.

This then provokes this masochistic attitude pushing to always want to solve the problems of others by any means, regardless of whether one is humiliated or belittled.

The masochist does not act like the profiles we saw just before, and he does not try to avoid or flee his wounds.

The masochist faces what hurts him, sometimes seeking to suffer even more. He was hurt and he did not have control.

Today he has control and he decides who will hurt him or not. In the bottom of his heart, it helps him to overcome the situation.

We have seen that there are several different and varied masks, which are most often explained by a past emotional injury.

Do you recognize someone in these different profiles? It's easy to identify people wearing a mask because they sometimes leave their true hidden personality.

The best is to overcome what causes in us this fear. Maybe the masochist is hard on himself, but he at least, faces his pain.

This can make it stronger and allow it to overcome its trauma, or, on the contrary, to make it suffer even more. 

And what do you think of all this? What is your point of view ? We are dying to read your answers!

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