What is your personality according to the enneagram?

What is your personality according to the enneagram?

It appears that the word "enneagram" means in Greek "nine lines”  and that he describes to us the nine types of personalities from which each one of us is constituted.

We can say that the enneagram is a schema that helps us filter objective reality in a subjective way. Its use also allows us to verify and determine:

– What makes us be who we are and act or think as we do.

– Our main character traits: our defaults and our potentials.

– Our desires and our fears.

– This allows us to discover why we stumble always on the same pitfall in our life.

In the following article, we will present the 9 types of personalities on which the enneagram is based, so that you discover the one that resembles you the most.

It will give you tracks that may be useful for your personal development.

What are the 9 types of personalities of the enneagram?

– Type of personality N ° 1 : NOTWe refer to people who want to be perfect and who are traumatized when they feel imperfect.

Because of this complex, they unconsciously create an ideal of what they should be. They have a demanding personality and are very critical of themselves.

It is obvious that being always on the lookout for perfection makes them irritable and frustrates them very quickly. Since these people never achieve the desired perfection, they tend to get upset and easily frustrated.

Their high self-esteem leads them to think that they are always right and that what they say or do is the only truth.

To unlock and learn more about themselves, they will have to transform their inner rage into serenity and accept themselves as they are.

– Type of personality N ° 2: When we do not love each other, we need a fervent love. People of this type of personalitythink that loving yourself is a mark of selfishness.

They prioritize the needs of others, and the more they feel loved by those around them, the happier they are.

By caring for the rest of the world, they tend to forget themselves and are therefore often dependent people who do not tolerate loneliness.

These people are often proud because they think they know better than everyone else what others need, they constantly give advice and remind you constantly what they do for you.

To evolve, these people need to turn their pride into humility and prioritize their own emotional needs..

– Type of personality N ° 3: They do not value themselves and therefore always need the valuation of others. If they are not strong in one area of ​​their lives, they will feel neither legitimate nor loved.

They see their role as a human being as a series of professional successes, a beautiful image, a great success and the recognition of others.

Therefore, these people hide behind a mask and forget who they are. They are often pretentious, ambitious and competitive.

Their personal evolution consists of turning their vanity into authenticity and valuing themselves for what they are and not for what they have or are getting.

– Type of personality N ° 4: These people do not see each other and seek the attention of others in a constant way in order to discover themselves.

They feel inferior to everyone, ce which leads them to try to be unique, special and different.

They always compare themselves to others and think they miss them "Something "to be happy, which fills them with envy, sadness and melancholy.

To counter this feeling, they are egocentric and talk a lot about their emotions without taking into account those of others.

An important characteristic of personality 4 is that these people feel misunderstood and suffer from repeated emotional ups and downs.

To evolve, they must learn to be more interested in others than in themselves.

– Type of personality N ° 5: They are people who are afraid to express their feelings and to relate to others.

They are not comfortable with physical contact and are often cold, reserved and distant. They feel safe in a rational, theoretical and intellectual world but can not use that knowledge to take action.

To learn things about themselves and to excel themselves as human beings, they must be aware that they need to connect more with their hearts to find a balance between their thoughts and feelings.

– Type of personality N ° 6: These people are characterized by a lack of self-confidence and a fear of decision-making.

They live in a state of perpetual alert, with the fear of future events and commitments. They worry excessively and often ask others what to do with their lives.

To evolve internally, this type of personality needs to transform his cowardice into courage, to learn to trust himself and to assume the consequences of the decisions made by him / herself.

– Type of personality N ° 7: Do you know someone who is afraid of the pain that can be caused internally? You are facing a type 7 personality.

They are funny, happy, positive people who use humor as a defense shell.

The main characteristic of these people is their hyperactivity, they are always looking for pleasure and always do something to not be bored or feel dissatisfied with themselves. They have trouble connecting with the present moment and concentrating.

To outdo and evolve, they will need to cultivate silence and the art of doing nothing, and to simply connect with happiness and well-being who reside in it, s instead of fleeing forward.

– Type of personality N ° 8: Are you afraid that you will be harmed? A person of personality type # 8 is extremely afraid of it.

These people build their carapace and are constantly on the defensive to always have control and react aggressively when they feel threatened..

They need to control situations and can not stand being told what to do. Their speech could be "the best defense is a good offense".

To grow inwardly,they will need to let go of control and accept their vulnerability, understanding that no one can hurt them if they do not open before and give their consent.

– Type of personality N ° 9: They avoid conflict at all costs, without knowing how to manage the annoyance of those around them. They go unnoticed so as not to generate conflict and they have trouble saying "no"to others lest someone get upset.

They are often people who follow others, they think that their opinion does not matter and rally with those of others.

All this leads them to not have enough motivation to do activities and to generate new beneficial situations.

They need to transform their laziness into pro-activity, to make themselves known and to bring their point of view to the world.

And you, what type of personality are you most identified with? Be attentive to it, it will help you to pass great barriers and overcome obstacles in your daily life.

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