What is the point of forgiving and turning the page?

What is the point of forgiving and turning the page?

If you were hurt or went through a difficult situation, you may have wondered if it was worth forgiving. You may have felt the difficulty in doing so. In complete safety then you have probably confused forgiving with forgetting. It is certain that once someone has hurt you, turning the page is not easy.

Forgetting is a process of memory (memory process) that depends almost exclusively on the time and context in which you are. Theforgetfulness is the fruit that comes when we stop using the information stored in our brain while forgiveness amounts to remembering while not remaining anchored in the emotion generated by the memory.

The truth is that we can not do much to forget because forgetting is the result of the passage of time. he It will be easier to forget what we do not have contact with. For example, if we move away from a place, we avoid seeing a person or living a situation, it will be easier and faster to forget. For this reason we must move away and wait to forget.

However, forgiving is something different. Doing it means that "although I remember what happened, although I remember the pain inflicted, I can turn the page and go aheadt ".Fthis is to stop thinking about revenge, to stop thinking about the injustice associated with the situation and to be able to reposition emotions in the past without it affecting our present or our future.

Have you thought about the difference between forgiveness and forgetting? Being aware of the difference between these two words is essential to be able to turn the page. Do you know why ? Because you will never forget the one who hurt you, you will never forget that pain, but you can learn to live with and leave everything behind.

Why is it necessary to learn to forgive?

Turning the page breaks the existing link with pain. It is a question of leaving aside the pain and gradually extinguishing the flames of anger, rage and revenge. In this way you will be free to start a new life. Succeeding this will allow you to begin a new phase of your life in which pain and anguish will characterize a moment in your past but not your present.

In addition, forgiving will allow you to be master of your time and to have your energy at 100%. When a person has unresolved conflicts or undiscovered stages, his or her mind gives a lot of time and energy (without being aware of it) to the completion and closure of these "ongoing tasks". Having to "forgive someone" pushes you to assign your psychological resources to this task. And therefore, to generate significant emotional exhaustion.

Solving your conflicts also makes you feel safer and at peace with yourself. It helps you to move forward. Looking to the future without negative emotional charges that absorb your energy and motivation. Someone who forgives empty his emotional bag and motivates himself with the challenges of the future. It brings with it a feeling of inner peace that is not substitutable and 100% necessary when we want to live fully.

Forgive: a way to take the reins of your happiness

With this approach, it is very interesting to reflect on an aspect of forgiveness that few people take into account. When you forgive, you do it for yourself and not for the one who hurt you. Doing this is not a gift you give to the one who made you suffer but a gift you make to yourself. If you do not forgive, it's good for the other, but if you forgive, it's good for you in the first instance. You allow yourself to accept pain and suffering by leaving them in the past.

On the other hand, forgiving is inevitable to be a guide and a leader. But, you may have to forgive yourself personally. To be the leader of your life, you must forgive your mistakes, your failures, your weaknesses, your regrets, your personal wounds. So, you can continue with a broad list of circumstances that you will have to "forgive".

We achieve personal realization only through forgiveness and reconciliation with oneself. Once this is done, focus your energy on creating the best version of yourself and establishing a life-saving project as a human being. When you forgive, you learn to handle forgiveness. You feel free to decide what affects you or not. What prevents you from going forward or not. In order to focus on yourself.

Forgiving is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. Moreover, there are different psychotherapy exercises that can help you forgive. The first step is to focus on the present and the future by making yourself responsible for the here and now and being in charge of your emotions. Gradually, we succeed.

Forgiving to free oneself

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