What is the information society?

What is the information society?

The environment we live in today is called the information society. An ecosystem highly conditioned by technological innovations allowing a rapid diffusion of information. We can see, observing around us, that technological development is present in the way we interact with others and the environment, both professionally and personally.

These technological innovations are mainly related to information and communication technologies. These have become a fundamental pillar in all areas of our society, starting with the field of education.

The origins of the term

The term "information society" is already a few decades old. We can locate its origins in the 80s, with the evolution of the industrial era through the development of the Internet. The concept is therefore linked to the transition from an industrial society to a post-industrial society or information.

Human beings create knowledge from information. This knowledge is disseminated and absorbed to create more knowledge.A spiral of development and evolution is thus formed, which leads to a possible change in the term that can be extended to the "information and knowledge society".

The benefits of the information society

The information society generates cultural, social, economic and, above all, freedom of expression and communication benefits.The existence of knowledge dissemination networks and ease of access provide a large number of sources of knowledge in all the fields which arouse our curiosity or on which we must deepen our knowledge.

Any type of content can be easily shared and distributed. Activities that can be immediately globalized are outsourced.All this generates revolutions and social earthquakes of great intensity and short duration. The information is updated quickly, satisfying the concerns of a large number of people and organizations.

The limits of the information society

The development of the information society depends on a legal framework and adequate regulation. The development of applications and services will produce a benefit for society if this context works. Technology, however, will only serve to generate contexts of impunity if the opposite occurs.

This information society, which constantly grows and changes, must also avoid the social divides that may result from the digital divide.Any popular media must be accompanied by training for users who end up being forced to use this medium. An example of this phenomenon is the ever-increasing number of procedures that can only be performed on the Internet. This digital divide also includes a large number of variants, such as economics, geography, sex, and so on.

The information society in everyday life

The information society was nothing more than a concept a few years ago. It then materialized and constituted as a possible option. This type of society has spread to all areas of our lives. Especially in developed countries. It's almost nowa obligation.

We are talking in the most developed countries about something so internalized that it goes unnoticed. The new generations are born in an environment governed by technological innovations.It is therefore very difficult for them to imagine a world in which these tools would not exist.

This growth in technology, however, generates a negative counterpart. This is the loss of social skills in a non-technological context. Much of what is now on the screens once was in individuals. Let's think, for example,how different it can be to go to a point of information and deal with someone in front and ask for information from a virtual assistant at through a screen. It's a radical change in lifestyle in just two or three generations.

The information and knowledge society will continue to grow and to involve more and more people in the future. This future holds promise for potentially providing a higher level of sustainability, prosperity, freedom and, ultimately, professional and personal opportunities.

This nevertheless assumesa personal commitment. The proper evolution of this new society depends on us.The good use we make of the technologies we have. The way we all contribute responsibly to a brighter future at the technological level.

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