What is stressing us? Here is an analysis of the seven main causes of stress

What is stressing us? Here is an analysis of the seven main causes of stress

We live in a time when stress is more present than ever, but, what stresses us? Why are we more stressed than before?

The frantic pace in which we are immersed is the main cause of the stress that can be felt, coupled with a lack of financial security that most of the population is suffering because of the crisis, which does not offer us not many opportunities to take advantage of the little free time we have left.

If most of the time we are aware that we are stressed, we do not always know why. In general, stress is not due to a single factor but to the accumulation of several factors.

Here is a description of each of the seven main causes of stress.

The seven main causes of stress

1. Work stress

Nowadays, many of us occupy a position that stresses them and makes them more nervous than usual, usually because of the rush, excess responsibility, bad relationships with co-workers and / or bosses …

In most cases, few of our co-workers are frequent, which means that workers have more work and a higher mental burden. Moreover, we often do not dare to refuse when we are asked to take down a workload greater than that which falls to us.
In fact, to refuse would be to take the risk of being made redundant, and given the difficulty of finding a job today, we prefer not to take risks.

To minimize stress at work, ask yourself what do you like to do the most, which activity does you most good, and try to enjoy the free time you have. Even if you have little free time, do not give up your hobbies, and especially do not neglect your diet or your sleep.

2. Toxic people

Often, the environment in which you find yourself can explain stress. Toxic people empty our energy and take away all our positivity. To know if such people are around you, you only have one thing to do: listen to your emotions.

If you feel hatred, stress, grief, in other words if you have bad feelings, it's because you are dealing with toxic people.
Healthy people are those who, when in contact with them, allow us to feel good and stimulate our positive emotions. They are like a ray of sunshine that enhances our emotions.

When you are in a stress-free environment, the best way to cope is to spend the least amount of time with toxic people.
But since most of the time it is impossible because they can also be members of our own family, or colleagues with whom we are forced to spend time, we must do everything to take full advantage of the limited free time available.This may allow us to rebalance the balance of negativity to which we have no choice but to be exposed.

3. Negative thoughts

We can be stressed without there being reasons that push us to be. Indeed, by thinking only of what is negative in our lives, we are more easily stressed.
It is necessary strive to think of pleasant thingsand not to be overcome by pessimism. We must also cultivate tolerance, leave out the desire to be perfect, the thirst for success or stop acting in a hurry, because none of this can move us forward.
We are not born to be perfect and effective, but to be happy.

Indeed, the famous proverb says"It's not the arrival that counts, but the road traveled".
Even if it seems pure utopia, it is true, because the road traveled offers us a multitude of things from which we can profit. We must raise our heads and look around us instead of looking to the future.
There is only one place where we can live fully while enjoying life, and now is the time
, the one we live here and now.

If you only think about the past or the future, then you will generate stress, which will not be real, because you will have created it yourself from your negative thoughts.

4. Significant losses

The loss of loved ones, friends, or loved ones is one of the most important causes of stress. In most cases, professional help is needed.
The loss of a loved one is an irreversible change in our lives, which is very painful. We then go through all the stages of mourning, after which the pain will go away by calming down. The more time passes, the more we can move forward without much difficulty.

5. Love and lack of affection

When demonstrated, love is probably one of the things that makes us happiest. But when it is not lived in a healthy way, it can harm us.
Conflicting relationships generate a lot of stress: emotional dependence, low self-esteem and lack of self-esteem, fear of losing each other, etc.
Unfortunately, many people forget the proverb " better alone than in a bad comapny "which is causing a heavy stress load.

But there are also singles, who are deluded by setting their sights on people who do not match them, and who can get used to suffer, to run after people with whom they can not establish a healthy relationship.
By acting in this way, one prevents oneself from being happy and accentuates the stress that one can feel.

6. Acoustic stress

Acoustic stress is a form of stress that is not much talked about. However, being in a noisy environment regularly can cause stressespecially if you are, for one reason or another, forced to spend time in an environment of acoustic pollution. To compensate, we can try to devote a moment in the day to be alone with oneself for listen to relaxing low-volume music, do yoga, or practice relaxation.

7. Loneliness

We live in the era of telecommunications, and as a result, people have never been so alone, as human relationships have become worse.
Reducing the actual contact to spend more time in front of a computer or other electronic device has become something quite normal.

Many years ago, people met and spent time together physically. It is important that we communicate with others face to face rather than via machines.

Rebalance your balance

Stress builds up in ourselves, and if we do not rebalance our balance, we will eventually compensate by developing some form of anxiety or contracting any other psychosomatic illness. But, how to rebalance the balance? The first thing to do is understand what is stressing us. Once we know it, we can then see things from another angle.

It is important that we take advantage of the free time available to distract ourselves. Each person has their own way of having fun, and there is no universal rule.
If you do not take the time to distract yourself regularly, then you let the negativity gain more and more ground in you, and your emotions will deteriorate.

Imagine for example a person who has to work 12 hours a day in an environment where she does not feel well. If after her day's work, she is in a state of mind so negative that she does nothing for lack of desire and drive, the stress will eventually invade.
On the other hand, if she does everything so that this unsatisfactory work does not prevent her from continuing to enjoy life, then she will feel well.

We all need to find a motivation that allows us to better support the negative aspects of our lives. Find what motivates you, practice your hobbies, do the things you enjoy, enjoy, stay in touch with healthy people, have fun, take care of people who love and support you.

The more your life is punctuated with positive things, the more resources you will find in you to override the less pleasant moments.

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