What is pansexuality?

What is pansexuality?

For centuries and centuries, our society has divided very strictly between two genres: men and women. Each person was included, from birth, in one of these two groups. Therefore, according to this classic manual, men had to feel attracted to women and vice versa. Gold,human sexuality is much wider.This is where various branches like pansexuality come into play.

The evolution of human sexuality

Thus, if a person is born with male sexual organs, it is included in one of these genres. The same thing happens for women. There are therefore only two possible options in human sexuality. Two colors: white and black.

Fortunately,as society has evolved, we have become aware of the wide range of real options that exist in the field of sexuality.This two-color spectrum has changed. He began to present a greater number of tones. The sexual condition of each individual has become more and more particularized.

Today, we can establish differences between heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality, pansexuality, etc.The forms of attraction vis-à-vis other individuals, whether or not of the same sex, are very varied.

Pansexuality in human relations

Pansexuality is a sexual condition characterized by the physical and sentimental attraction for an individual, regardless of gender.It can therefore be considered as the most free and elementary form of conceiving relationships between human beings. This is at least one of the forms that has the least priority of fixed rules.

This type of sexual orientation can therefore concern both genders.It includes individuals belonging to the binary genres – who do not feel identified as either male or female – or non-binary.

The difference between pansexuality and bisexuality

With these definitions,the difference between pansexuality and bisexuality may seem a bit confusing.The main characteristic of pansexuality is, as we have commented, that it encompasses non-binary genres.

A bisexual person is ultimately a person who can be attracted to people of both sexes.Bisexual people therefore associate a gender burden to each person. Women are female and men are male. Bisexuals therefore continue to recognize the existence of a gender-related gender, and this is important in their sexuality.

Pansexuals, meanwhile, do not take sex into account. Neither the way each subject adapts, to a certain extent, to a genre. To put it more simply,a pansexual person feels a physical and sentimental attraction for a person beyond his or her gender.

An unknown sexual orientation

Because of the difficulty in understanding this type of sexual orientation, pansexuality is generally unknown. This term is, moreover, quite new. It is often regarded as a more romantic idea than heterosexuality or homosexuality. Or as something more idyllic than real.

So it's not surprising that many people consider it a fad.It is not easily found in popular folklore, like stereotypes about the gay community. Few people perceive it as a true sexual orientation. For them, it would only be one way to attract attention or to try to distinguish oneself from others.

Pansexuality in our time

We can now find various references to pansexuality in the culture of cinema, literature or television. As an example,several characters in the sci-fi series "Doctor Who" are defined as pansexuals.The plot of the series takes place in a future characterized by progress of all kinds. In this universe, the character of Jack Harness does not classify people according to their gender.

Pansexuality also made its appearance in the famous series "Sex and the City".It is described as the sexuality of the new millennium. In the world of comic, we can also find characters created related to this type of sexual orientation. This is the case of Wade W. Wilson, also known as Deadpool.

This famous anti-hero from the Marvel universe is an example of pansexuality. Although this is due to science fiction causes, the character does not identify with any other concrete sexual orientation. He is attracted to any person, regardless of sex or gender.

What are the types of sexual orientation?

In adolescence, feelings of attraction develop.Everyone feels an attraction of their own and will define their sexual orientation. Learn more
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