What is midorexia?

What is midorexia?

The age and the conception we have of it (the fact that we feel more or less young) has an influence on the way we think and act and the way we see ourselves. Midorexia presents itself as a problem according to which some people suffer from a crisis of self-esteem, pushing them to keep their youth.

According to Daniela Carrasco, professor at the University of Diego Portales, midorexia occurs in isolation, without any circumstance being associated with it. Thus, and because of the judgments of Western society, this disorder affects more (or more deeply) women aged 40 to 50 who are trying to live a second youth by focusing on their physical appearance.

Midorexia and entertainment projects

Midorexia encourages people to keep their youth to the fullest. This attitude is in many cases associated with life changes that go beyond the physical aspect.

These people can get dedicate to programs associated with younger individuals for example the type of bars and restaurants frequented, the way to communicate with others or the organization of a trip including many activities or on the contrary a lot of improvisation.

The positive aspects of midorexia

Although in principle midorexia can be perceived as something negative, as a disorder associated with a person who does not accept his or her age and therefore rejects aging; it also has some very favorable side effects.

In fact, midorexia can cause a person to live a second life, not to let the age be used as an excuse to stop enjoying his daily life. Thus, she will have to strive to maintain a young lifestyle to help her to stay in a lifestyle that is too stable and therefore too boring.

Midorexia can help us overcome some age-related psychological barriers by embarking on experiences that many would not dare to test by considering themselves too old.

For this reason, one can for example enjoy trips and exotic places or practice sports at risk without giving importance to the following question: "Am I the right age for this ? “.

On the other hand, another interesting benefit of midorexia is the possibility of establishing friendships between generations. Practicing habits specific to younger individuals can help us discover the things we have in common with people belonging to a different generation of ours.

In addition, it will allow us to better know these people and thus better understand the young people of our family as our children, nephews or grandchildren.

The benefits of midorexia in the elderly

Finally, some benefits of midorexia are even more interesting in older people. When an older person wants to feel young, it is important that she starts with a regular sport activity.

This will allow him, of course, to have significant health benefits as many older people fall into the sedentary trap which can increase real physical limitations and also make them more vulnerable to certain diseases.

On the other hand, many older people decide to make a digital transformation and integrate new technologies into their daily lives. This makes them use social reasons or use the Internet as a regular search tool.

Although it is important to be aware of our age, it is also important to know that in reality, age has a certain degree of relativity. Apart from the possible limitations due to physical deterioration, being 50 or 60 years old should not be a barrier to enjoying life regardless of our date of birth.

In addition, we must also consider the fact that life expectancy has increased significantly in recent years. We must therefore try to keep a young mind as long as possible. Midorexia can therefore bring us more benefits than negative aspects allowing us to enjoy the attractions of youth and avoid the barriers of age.

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