What is conscious leadership?

What is conscious leadership?

The conscious leadership is based on the figure ofa leader who knows how to identify and calibrate all aspects of the work environment and, at the same time, pay attention to all these points.This idea is opposed to the classic figure of the unscrupulous entrepreneur, whose interests are limited to his bank account and his economic benefits.

This figure of the leader, not far removed from reality in some cases, pushed companies to move to an alternative point of view. According to the new philosophy of many companies, we must avoid the collapse of our natural and human systems which are in serious danger because of the prevailing irresponsibility of our society.

What exactly is conscious leadership?

Being in charge of an organization is not an easy task. It takes a lot of skill, time, and a lot of energy. It is for this reason that those who hold this position often fall into the trap of focusing on getting results, putting aside their balance, their personal lives and the rest of the needs of their team and the organization. .

A conscious leader is one who keeps his attention on all these aspects at the same time, recognizing the importance of each of them.And this goes for the development of the activities of the organization as well as for its personal growth and that of its collaborators.

A conscious leader must be able to combine the pursuit of his personal interests with the well-being of his team.

This idea makesconscious leadership is strongly related to the concept of mindfulness,which is defined as the ability of a person to pay full attention to all the elements that make up the present moment. This skill is particularly important in terms of social responsibilities because it allows leaders to pay attention to the transformations of their environment to find the best way to interact with them.

However, conscious leadership goes beyond knowledge of the environment and peer recognition. It is a method to see oneself. According to this philosophy,no leader can be legitimately concerned about the well-being of his team without being fully aware of his own needs and without seeking his own feeling of well-being.Of course, this does not mean that a conscious leader is fighting for his interests first. It simply means that to be truly sensitive to human needs, he must be able to identify with them.

7 characteristics of conscious leadership

In order to have a clearer idea of ​​what conscious leadership is and how it can be applied in the everyday work environment,Here are the main characteristics that a conscious leader must demonstrate:

1. Work and listen

Conscious leaders speak to their team. They listen to it in a group manner, in meetings, and individually, forto be able to know more deeply what each individual means and to show.They can thus know the qualities of each person and see what they can bring.

2. Show the example

Giving orders is a very simple task, but if you really want your team to follow you, you must be aware that you are the one who sets the example and does things first.

3. Promote collaboration between co-workers

Competitiveness is not a negative alternative when it adds to the group's performance, does not create conflict and does not deteriorate communication. In short, when it is there to better achieve individual and common goals. It is important to knowmanage conflicts that arise between group members.The majority are due to the aspirations of each member.

4. Carefully observe the environment

For a leader, it's important to be in action. Gold,a conscious leader also has the ability to step back and observe what is happening around him, from different angles.Very often, this will allow him to see other options, to reconsider positions and to bring new ideas.

5. Be clear in making decisions

It is fundamental that the team finds a security in the resolutions taken. This is one of the great characteristics of the conscious leader. This will allow him not to create doubts about the objectives that the work team is pursuing.

6. Be assertive

A conscious leader must be assertive.He must express his thoughts and wishes in a simple and honest way.Each member of the team must know what he is waiting for. This will help them to have confidence in their professional life.

7. Be aware of your own mistakes

This is perhaps one of the most difficult points. But it is essential for us to talk about conscious leadership.It is important that the leader be a guide,a referent, but also a human being. Others must be aware of this facet.

As we have seen,conscious leadership brings together many of the characteristics demanded by companies.These leaders are very important because they are able to meet the goals set by taking care of the group's relational health and using the present and past hurdles as an opportunity to not forget the shared purpose.

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