What do we mean out of respect?

What do we mean out of respect?

Respect is an attitude that promotes interpersonal relationships adequate and satisfactory.

In addition, respect is the attitude necessary to coexist without conflict, and acceptance of differences between people.

Respect is set aside with the different approach of the other person, therefore, it helps us not to judge.

Respect is to consider the other person in his individual differences.

Respect is about realizing that every person has the right to choose who they really are, to think, to feel, and to act.

How to show respect?

We express respect when we do not judge others by their approach, their decisions, their behavior or their lifestyle.

Respect shows empathy, the tool used in assertive or appropriate communication.

It is more difficult to comply when we want to give ourselves the right, or assume, above all approaches, that our position is the only one possible.

On the other hand, when the attitude is aggressive with another person, respect is not present.

To respect, we must consider our approach as just one of many possibilities.

We must accept that our perception, although it seems objective, is subject to our own interpretation, based on previous experience.

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