What direction to take in his life?

What direction to take in his life?

We are constantly making decisions, big or small, safe or risky. Even deciding not to act is also a decision that brings its consequences.

In deciding, we exercise our most important right: our free will. Free will can not be withdrawn because as limited as alternatives are, we always have a margin of decision even in the most terrible circumstances.

Our decisions reflect our beliefs, our values, our attitudes and our skills and even our self-esteem.

Thanks to them, we become the creators of the conditions of our life, the artisans of our destiny. In our hands reside the possibilities of being what we really want to be or becoming an impoverished version of ourselves.

Slowly but surely

There are decisions that are easy to make, while others make us lose sleep. If only because we have many choices and we do not know which ones to take, or because we think about the possible consequences of these choices.

When it comes to difficult decisions, it is essential to know what you really want, which involves a process and research on ourselves.

What pretends to be so easy, is not easy, because it involves arming oneself with courage and honesty and silencing many deceptive "voices" that do not reflect our essence but are the product of a conditioning that has taken place throughout our lives.

When silence finally settles in us and we listen to our heart, what stands out can frighten us, as it may involve getting rid of the structures that were previously our base and our security.

For example, professional careers, friendships, relationships, or marriage may be a response to the need to seek the approval of others and to meet their expectations, to seek material security, or avoid risks or criticisms.

But it is worth daring to face our fears and follow our intuition, because the inevitable mistakes that we will encounter on the way can be corrected. Instead, to condemn yourself to living a mediocre existence is always a sad destiny.

How to decide?

To help you navigate the murky waters of decision making, we suggest the following guidelines which will help you step by step to arrive safe and sound:

  1. Formulate the decision you want to make, by writing a description as accurate and brief as possible. You can make a collage of images of what you want to achieve. This can be a source of inspiration and help you to visualize your goal more clearly.
  2. Identify the problem or underlying need that makes it difficult to make a decision, noting your concerns about it and the factors that make it complex.
  3. Formulate the goal you want to reach, writing down the possible consequences of the decision and what you want from it. Think about what is really important to you and what you are willing to give up, taking into account your values.
  4. Identify resources that can help you make the decisionfor example, people or organizations that could help you, either by giving you information, preparation, empathy or wise advice.
  5. Explore other options, other decisions you might make or other things you could do. Make a list to see the situation from different angles, which can provide you with valuable ideas.
    Even add to the list these "crazy ideas" that do not convince you in the present moment but perhaps in the near future.
  6. Evaluate the alternatives, anticipating the positive and negative consequences of each of them.
  7. Make a decision, choosing the option that resonates best with you.
  8. Decide what actions you will take based on the decision made.
  9. Evaluate your decision by observing how you feel about her.

It is clear that making a decision is a complex process, for all the factors that come into play and because no one teaches us to do so, butBy applying these tips and connecting with your inner source of wisdom and inspiration, you can get the best reward … to reach your dreams.

Image reproduced with the kind permission of Pablo Fernández.

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