Well start the new year

Well start the new year

The year 2015 ends, and carries with it the good and bad times. To open a new year full of progress and motivation, it is good to know how to complete correctly the page that has just turned.

For this, we suggest you think about the different ways to start this new year.

The best thing to do to end a year in style is to remember good times with enthusiasm, and to remember the bad ones by thinking that everything will be able to change, and that it is these failures that allowed us to gain more experience.

We must remember bad times as life lessons to be able to move forward.

Once you have reviewed the past year, you must look to your future with all the new tools you have wrought in the face of adversity.

It is very common to adopt good resolutions for the new year. You promise to go to the gym more often, learn something new, change your look, find a job, look for a partner or new friends, and so on.

There are as many resolutions as there are different people, but the common denominator of these wishes for the new year is that most people almost never respect them.

The best thing to do to avoid this pitfall is to set one or two goals, which are the ones that matter most to us.

When we set ourselves too many goals to achieve, it is very difficult to achieve. Sometimes, as the famous saying goes, "less is more".

What to do to be consistent in the pursuit of a goal?

You can start by writing the goals that you think are most important. These goals must be able to change something in your life, and make you happier.

Once you've written them, add all the elements that can help you get close to them.

You can also keep at hand the photo of the lens you want to shoot, which will be an excellent source of motivation that will prevent you from giving up too quickly to your dreams.

Many people keep the picture of their dream trip in their office, to keep in mind that all they do is only to achieve one of their goals.

The more motivated you are, the less likely you are to withdraw

If you have a definite thing for which you fight, nothing will stop you from reaching it.

People who do not like their jobs, but who always manage to be diligent and do the jobs they are given, are the ones who keep in mind why they continue to evolve in this environment that they do not like.

They are able to see that the path they take, and that the sacrifices they make have a concrete purpose: to realize one of their dreams.

So you can easily maintain your motivation by thinking and dreaming, from time to time, to the goal you want to accomplish.

What motivates a little rat? Cheese, of course! If we put a small piece in a specific place, he will be able to run for meters to get it.

What motivates children? Toys, treats, video games. If you give them a thankless task, with the promise that they can do what they want next, they will do it with envy and motivation.

Adults also need a dose of reward to be effective in their daily lives. Being an adult does not imply that we must totally abandon our child's heart.

We need, from time to time, to bring back the child who is in us. If we repress this facet of our personality, a sense of dissatisfaction and frustration will quickly emerge.

Dream as awake as a child, and have faith. What motivates you ? What do you want to get? Keep this picture we were talking about, look at it from time to time, and you will have little chance of giving up halfway down the road to success.

Seeing the image of what you want will keep you focused, give meaning to your sacrifices, and reach your goal.

Welcome the New Year with dreams and hopes in your head. Forget the negative things that are of no use to you, and be consistent to reach your dreams. Never forget the recipe for success: faith, motivation and consistency!

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