Welcome and take care of your inner child

Welcome and take care of your inner child

My inner child is always in mehe did not leave. It's the voice I listen to when I allow myself to be free and enjoy things. It is he who asks me to heal the emotional wounds of the past …

It is customary to hear expressions such as "the need to heal our inner child". Far from being a spiritual current fueled by points of view like those of new agethis concept comes rather from psychoanalysis.

The importance of the early years of our lives and our past experiences will shape much of our personality, values, emotional balance, and self-esteem.

Furthermore, most of our childhood memories can be the source of our fears and anxieties. Conversely, the memories of a happy and happy childhood will accompany us when we become adults.

Each of us has a great "existential chest" whose first 8 years of life are without a doubt the key to who we are today.

It is in a hidden corner of our being that our inner child is hiding. We all show ourselves as mature and confident adults, well protected with armor of great warriors, and able to cope with this complex world.

However, let's be honest! It is common for us to close our eyes and feel the lack of something.

We all have a child in us, who was stuck at a certain age, with alack and unmet needs. Let's see this in more detail.

My inner child and his emotional past

It is possible that more will see a hint of irony in the term "inner child". For many, this expression represents the fragility, the innocence and the look of someone who does not know the world yet.

We tend to think that "adults know everything and children know nothingStill others mistakenly believe that "childhood is the stage that we all lived with carelessness and absolute happiness” .

Childhood is the awakening of lifethe moment when the first questions appear and the first answers are given. If one grows up in indifference, lack, sadness and abandonment, it will be very difficult to become emotionally healthy adults.

To evolve in maturity and happiness, every child needs affection and a sincere love that guarantees him safety in every step, and every fall.

If the link developed with our children is not adequate, all their first life experiences will mark them in one way or another.

Childhood is not always synonymous with happiness or carelessness. Coming to the world does not guarantee physical and emotional well-being.

Being a child is never easybecause we all need the support of someone to take our first steps, to pronounce our first syllables and to discover that our fears and anxieties are appeased with the help of tenderness and with the right words.

The demands of our inner child

Now that we have seen the importance of accepting our inner child, it is important to know what this child can ask of us.

Let's think for a moment about these dimensions:

Your inner child may ask you to resolve certain aspects of the past.

You may need explanations of a specific event from your childhood, whether you ask for forgiveness or even need to give your own.

It may even be that in your case you have no element of the past to resolve. However, your inner child will also ask you toto be more free daily.

 It is essential to learn to relativize a little more your realityand leave out your worries as well as your stress.

 Be more spontaneous, allow yourself to laugh a little more, and find some of your lost innocence and with it, your hope.

Your inner child is also asking for love. Fight reluctance, shame or adult appearance, and allow yourself some emotional freedom.

How to cure our inner child?

Each process of emotional healing requires a full and genuine conviction on our part. No one can be free if there is no real need to be free.

Remember that you will not be able to solve a given problem if you are not convinced that it exists. Think for example of your daily life …

Are you often stressed? Have you lost hope? Do you feel that your half is doing everything to make you happy but that it does not work? Do you feel a lack of love inside of you that you can not define?

This little exercise of visualization and emotional reconstruction can help you on many aspects:

1- Take a picture of yourself when you were little, about 7 or 8 years old.

2- Let the memories go back, with tranquility, and let the images and emotions invade you.

3- Now, look at this child. You are both the "you adult" and the "you child", face to face.

4- Ask him what he needswhat he wants, what he misses. Ask him what he would need to feel free and fulfilled.

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