We only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes

We only see with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes

"See the roses again, you will understand that yours is unique in the world, and you will return to say goodbye, and I will give you a secret gift."

The little prince went back to see the roses.

"You are not at all like my rose, you are nothing yet," he said to them. Nobody tamed you and you did not tame anyone. You are like my fox was. It was only a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I made my friend, and he is now unique in the world.

And the roses were embarrassed.

"You are beautiful, but you are empty," he said to them again. We can not die for you. Of course, my rose, an ordinary passerby would think she looks like you. But she alone is more important than you all, since it is she that I watered. Since it's her that I sheltered by the screen. Since it is her whose caterpillars I have killed (except the two or three for butterflies). Since it was she that I listened to complain, or boast, or even sometimes shut up. Since it's my rose.

And he came back to the fox:

"Good-bye," he said.

"Good-bye," said the fox. Here is my secret. It is very simple: you only see well with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

"The essential is invisible to the eyes," repeated the little prince, "in order to remember.

-It's the time you lost for your rose making your rose so important.

"It's the time I lost for my rose," said the little prince, "to remember. "

With this touching fragment of the "Little Prince", in this article we report to you some of the most beautiful lessonsthat Saint-Exupéry left us for life.

First of all he reminds us the importance of the little things, those who go unnoticed. We have to give back to the little details the place they deserve, because one day we will realize that they are the ones who are doing the greatest feats.

What for many is little, for others is a lotthat is why we must appreciate the simple things as a hello with a gesture of affection.

If your partner, family, or you are asking for small pleasures, take it into account, because they are the ones that make you a great person and they shape the aroma of memories.

Remember that in the same way that the sea is composed of water droplets, love is formed with small details and you are composed of each of these small experiences that you live and which make of you a unique being.

Everyone is trying to do something big without realizing that life is made of the most basic things.

Be honest with your need to do things right at all times, because your inner being is telling you that you do not need spectators to feel like a grown person.

But this beautiful moment in the history of Little Prince also has other readings; among which we wish to emphasize that the true beauty is inside, for it is the only one that does not perish, the only one that can not be grasped and that can be seen only when one looks through the eyes of the soul.

Beauty is not measured by what we can see at a glance, becausetrue beauty is an attitude. We live preoccupied by appearances, by not being original and not detonating the conventions that imprison us and that do not allow us to show the world our splendor.

In reality, there is no makeup that can embellish an ugly heart. We have a serious problem in understanding this thought, which is extremely important to our self-esteem.

A beautiful inner being is built by loving life and getting rid of absences and negative feelings. It is built by enlarging our inner world, making it larger, eliminating emotional comfort and collecting motives of its own.

Be gentle, do not let the pain harden you. Do not let the pain make you hate someone, do not let bitterness control you. Create your own beauty, a beauty that can not be defined by words and cultivate the little details.

Because we only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes …

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