We can forget what happened, not what we felt

We can forget what happened, not what we felt

Popular belief tells us that only the things that made us vibrate and that caused us chills or a tumult of feelings, are the ones we remember forever.

We were all marked by one person, which dragged us into an exceptional whirlwind of emotions and allowed us to find ourselves.

A person who made us live the happiest moments of our existence.

Over time, we all tend to forget those happy memories, to forget who these people were, how we felt, and how we behaved with them.

They are part of the many experiences of our lives, and allowed us to take a life-saving learning path.

However, we will never forget the warmth they brought us when it was cold, the cold we faced when we needed heat, and each of the positive and negative feelings they placed in our heart.

Errors fly away, shivers remain

To think of ourselves and our life is to think both in time and in space.

What person have we been? Who are we today? Who will we be tomorrow?

The only source of answer we have is our memory. Memory is above all a tool for forgetting, as Benedetti rightly said.

We are what we remember, and we remember only things that have marked us in our flesh.

All the other experiences of our life, more insignificant, darken, then merge, and get lost in our mind.

They end up reaching the point where we can no longer clearly distinguish reality from what has happened to us and the veracity of certain moments.

We only remember the things that we felt strongly.

"We are our memory, we are this chimerical museum of inconstant forms, this pile of broken mirrors"
-Jorge Luís Borges-

The mistakes we have made in our lives, or those of others who may have hurt us, eventually disappear.

All that remains is the chills and scars of what has happened in the past, and who made us what we are today. This cluster of broken mirrors identifies us.

We are an emotion of our past

Despite what we have just said, it is impossible to get rid of our past forever.

That's why the people who were your present, and who are now your past, continue to live in your heart in the form of memories that are neither real nor tangible, but that take the form of a emotion.

Our emotions are invaluable, and it is fundamental to express them.

If a person has completely upset you and has given you butterflies in your stomach, you will not forget it.

Even if she is no longer today the one she was yesterday, you will keep an indelible link with her in your heart of hearts.

It may have hurt you, but everything that hurt us was once a source of immense joy. The time of tears passes, while the sensation of a caress remains forever.

We must be grateful for the pains we have been inflicted

Our heart sometimes cries so much that we feel that we will never forget what we feel.

However, we must not stop him in the expression of his sufferings. Our soul is able to eliminate all bad memories, to overcome them, and to keep only the good moments of the past.

"Today, I thought about those people who never really leave us, even if they are no longer there. Their essence remains, we can hear their voices and feel their smiles. Some people never leave us. They are eternal. "
-Ilani Ribero-

When we say that the soul is able to eliminate bad memories, it does not mean that some nuances will not last.

Some memories will remain, but only after we have accepted them, that we have learned to live with them.

That's when we'll feel grateful for all the things that hurt us,This is the only way to learn how to stand up stronger.

There is no point in confronting the past by reliving certain situations in our minds from time to time.

The only way to look fixed into the future is to exceed the sum of our memories, to dive into the heart of our emotions and to get to know each other in order to finally seize all the opportunities that life offers us.

Pictures of Davide Ortu, Karina Chavin, Gustavo Aimar

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