We are balloons full of emotions in a world filled with needles

We are balloons full of emotions in a world filled with needles

We talk about you, everything that affects you and that you live with feelings on the skin. Of course, that's what characterizes you because you stand out by your particular sensitivity.

However, there is a price to pay to be someone exceptionally emotional. Indeed, your worries, your emotions and your way of feeling things do not leave you any respite because they follow you day and night.

And then there are the needles, those that sting your balloon, making it explode and scattering your emotions. These needles do not understand that the skin of the balloon is so fragile that if they come too close, they will cause an explosion, an irreparable break.

You try to contain your emotions in the air but you do not always succeed, only a few times. You end up with some of them in your hands, and others find themselves scattered on the floor.

Be careful that no one walks on it, because you will lose a part of you and it will then be necessary to build a new puzzle.

Now you have to rebuild a new balloon, this time a bit stronger. You know that a needle will approach soon and it will explode again. However, to get there, this needle will have to approach a little more than the last times.

You think then: "I'll put my ball inside another balloon. I will be much better protected” . And this is how you accumulate layers and layers around you and protect you from the outside.like an onion!

” The needle that approaches my emotions will have a lot of work. I will not let her hurt me againHowever, it is unfortunately not uncommon for another needle to explode all your barriers.

Back to square one. You have to recover your emotions on the ground, being very careful, to be able to rebuild new balloons that will protect you.

This time, color each balloon of a different color and write a few words on it, for everyone to see them:

# 1- I always go well, nothing bad happens to me

Denying one's feelings is one of the most common balloons. This prevents you from becoming aware of what is happening to you, and, of course, from confronting it.

If you are not able to describe moments in your life in detail, it is because you have stopped thinking everyday. Of course, this has harmful consequences. If you do not learn from your experience, you will always make the same mistakes and never recognize your ways.

# 2- I do not need affection

There is another balloon that is characterized by the refusal of contact. This is one of the darkest because it takes you away from the real world, making you reject the opportunity to accept what the people around you are offering.

Frida Kahlo said that the fact of locking up his feelings was to take the risk that they devour us from the inside.

We wish to be loved but without showing our fragility and without opening our heart. However, there are hugs that can repair our wounds, but we must accept to open our arms.

# 3- I can overcome everything

"I have super powers and nobody is beyond me, I built the strongest barriers that exist"

In reality, it's hard to move with this armor that diminishes our freedom. In the end, we inflated so many balloons that we do not know how to relax and let ourselves be guided by the wind.

It is possible that maintaining this attitude gives you some illusion of controlling your emotions, but it is only a mirage.You have gone through something painful and the fear of suffering is driving you to hide the truth.


# 4- That's my character, I'm like I'm

It is a good thing, you are as you are and you claim your right to be … However, are you talking or is it your armor? It is likely that you put on a mask so that nobody knows what is inside.

This balloon can protect you from many surrounding needles. However, even if it will sometimes help you overcome complex situations, it can also become an even heavier burden. Instead of minimizing the pain, this situation intensifies it even more.

We protect ourselves by building balloons. However, one day we are trapped and we can not escape or breathe.

You can flee, face or place yourself as a victim, but none of this will help you to be yourself. Your balloons have a taste of the past. A past that must start to overcome now.

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