We all need someone who takes care of us

We all need someone who takes care of us

We all need someone who takes care of us. This does not mean that we are dependent on each other to feel good about ourselves. It is important to assume and recognize that when we can not manage everything, when we get to the bottom or when things are going well, we need to be able to rely on someone who can remind us who we are and who we are. how far we can go.

These are people who remind us that we are more than our own circumstances, more than our mistakes that sometimes succeed each other. These people act as guardian angels and give us wings to fly over the rubble of our collapsed world. They can become the voice of our conscience, our Jiminy Cricket if we start flying too high and we get burned with the sun of success. These people are our pillar, our balance, our yin and our yang.

A friend is that person who tries to get up when you have fallen. If you can not get up, he goes to your side to listen to you and let you know that whatever happens, you are not alone.

The meaning of this special person in bad times

It is usually quite simple to find someone to have a good time. Going out for a drink, shopping, going to the movies, or having coffee is never a sacrifice. But true friends are those who are present when you are not the best company.

These are the moments when you burst into tears and curse the whole world. Those afternoons in which nothing you do, say or hear can make you feel better. But during these moments, you will be able to value your proximity, that of this friendly hand that picks up your pieces and re-assembles them carefully without you even being able to realize it.

These are eternal conversations of complaints that are not going anywhere but that you need to evacuate. It's those absurd laughs that illustrate your fear of not being in a worse situation. You may not realize it, but it's also a desire to stop the world that continues to spin without you agreeing. You get there through criticism, complaints and laughter in good company.

This good company can be summed up only by the following words: REAL FRIENDSHIP. The one who can overcome everything and change everything. This friendship is so difficult to obtain but it is so necessary. True friends are few, but in bad times, they always accompany you.

The value of the truths of this person in the good times too

The least recognized value in this type of friendship is certainly the one that appears when everything is fine. When the envy of others who do not really love you appears and the arrogance of success calls you. These moments when you feel invisible and during which your momentary success goes to your head and makes you lose your bearings.

In these moments, this person, this true friend, takes care of transmitting the cruel reality to you. That's when he cuts the wings of arrogance and lets you touch the floor. Because true friends are the ones who express the realities in the face, although they can hurt, because they know that you will not necessarily be grateful at the time, but that you need it.

They know that despite the initial rejection caused by their words, you will not forget the real concern behind them: your well-being. They do not do it to hurt you, but on the contrary to avoid the pain of falling when you have too much energy and you finally decide to take the plunge.

Because of this, we always need someone to take care of us. We are actually our best enemy when things go too well or too badly. In fact, we need someone who can reduce the imbalance before arrival and finally before self-destruction. Because nobody is perfect and that in solitude, the projection of our defects worsens … And because the life shared with someone special is a life that deserves to be lived, from the beginning to the end.

What are true friends doing?

In this article, we invite you to know if you are a good friend for others, because whoever knows how to be a good friend, … Read More "
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