Wave theory on water and stone

Wave theory on water and stone

You may be one of those people who do not stand for injustice and think they can not do anything. If so, we want you to know the theory of waves on water and stone.Youobserve, after reading this article, the enormous power you have to change things.

It is important to add, however, thatthe only way to improve things is to keep in mind that everything starts with yourself.You can not offer your joie de vivre to someone you love if you are not happy. You will not be able to love others if you do not love you.

"Everyone is thinking of changing the world, but no one is thinking of changing oneself."
-Leon Tolstoy-

Start with yourself

As we said,the first step is to generate the change itself.How can you ask another person not to speak badly about you if you do it from everyone? How do you want others to show you affection and appreciate you if you are not able to do it with yourself?

Stop to think and talk to yourself. Listen to yourself. Look deep inside you for your true feelings.Ask yourself how you are and how you would like to be in reality.Look at the problems in the face. Face them and arrange everything that is broken in your life.

"Start by being yourself instead of being the one that society expects, stop betraying yourself and bring out all your authenticity."

Once you have established a dialogue with yourself,think about who you are, what you want to do, and your goals.Remove all the masks you have built to please. Get rid of your clothes of false modesty and show yourself as you are. But do not stay here. Ban all that you do not like, that is not good and that hurts you. And start to become the human being you have always dreamed of.

Take the first stone

After making contact with yourself and taking the first steps to transform your life,get ready to throw the first stone.The one that will produce a chain wave effect. What does that mean ? That everything you do will have an effect on others and on what surrounds you.

If you agree not to complain because you believe that complaining is useless, or that you are determined to show more affection, or simply to be yourself, youwill gradually discover all that your behavior covers and that you did not notice before.

It is important to consider everything with calm and philosophy in these first moments. Indeed, just like when you throw a stone, the first waves have a minimum size.The effects of your new attitude will also be minimal in the early days.However, you will see how they grow in size and presence as time passes and you try with others.

Let the waves go

So,once you have laid the first stone on the water, let the waves go and make their effect. As we said, the first will be small and short. They will nevertheless allow others to change.

The next step is to see yourself as a happy person in the center of the water, at this point where every stone falls. You are the starting point of a great happiness. A brave person who has chosen a difficult path but filled with emotions and love.

Think of the waves that you cause whenever you fall or brush against the water.The love you have in you extends as well on the surface as in the inner part of the lake, the sea or even the puddle where the stones fall.

Each of these waves is your passion for life, your courage to realize your dreams, your love for others, your affection and your kindness, your need to help those who have less … You transmit all this in one way or another to other people, who feel the effects.

The effect of waves

You will see how they conform to the contours of the people around you if you are consistent in provoking the waves on the water.You will gradually observe the effect you produce in them.You may give them hope, joy, confidence or the desire to live. It all depends on the link and the connection.

You can also see thatthe people you've influenced now throw their stones and generate a wave who reach their loved ones.

"Be the change you want to see in the world."
-Mahatma Gandhi

Do you still think that you can not do anything to change the injustices?Start with yourself and let your positive attitude and kindness invade your world. Letting the waves go will make this place better.

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